Bear in Mind 4 Questions (Wednesday 16th)


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There are 4 questions to complete

Each question is worth 3 points

You need to get all colours to get the 3 points

If you use the 'clue' you only get 1 point.

Out of a maximum score of 12, the pass mark is 7

Let me know if you pass or failed.

*** QUESTION 1 ***

Clue :


*** QUESTION 2 ***

Clue :

Answer :

*** QUESTION 3 ***

Clue :


*** QUESTION 4 ***

Clue :


Lets see those comments


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Determined to get a high score after yesterdays nil points. Managed to scrape a 3 thanks solely to question 2.

Q1, even revealling the 1st face I'm still not sure who it is, did we sign him from Dundee? With Q's 3 and 4 I manage to get the majority but there always seems to be one in each that I just cannot get.
Yeah we did sign him from Dundee mate
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