A Club built for Erin

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'Hail Hail blasting through the Tannoy'

They pipe in the atmosphere she said it herself!

cellik fans and atmosphere a man-made mhedia creation.
I think the whole “Celtic why are you like this, you’re making me greet” is them trying to romanticise being shite

They have to try something I guess, this reminds me of the coalition approach to the Middle East - winning hearts and minds. B-D
Weirdest part of the video is when she is buying her pizzas at the piggery (getting your pizza from a football ground is weird enough) she uses her apple pay with her whole palm over the home button.

But now for the important question - football team aside, would you pump her?
So much piish. A religion, this one club nonsense and now this a club built to last crap. Such a pathetic bunch of twats!
This 'one club since 1888' nonsense that they peddle is obviously a not so subtle or clever attack on us (rent free) however when they are about enter a civil court and argue that they aren't indeed 'one club' it feels majorly disrespectful to those they are trying to deny compensation.
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