Are you enjoying the women's World Cup?

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Always strikes me how the goalkeepers are so poor. It's like it's there first time ever attempting to play football

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Only watched England v Scotland, half time analysis and general hints and tips were interesting I thought.



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Have watch parts of but not all of the games so far. What stick out is the top teams are miles ahead of the rest. Despite the scoreline, England were much better than the Scots girls. Too much just booting the ball out of play or upfield for it to come straight back at you. Japan surprisingly much better than Argentina. Skill levels are good, but heading and tackling seem to be a weakness throughout.

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Watched a couple of games cos fk all else on, the standard is very very poor.

I used to always say birds football is shit without having seen them play, but by fk I should trust my instincts, its shit.


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Watched some of the Scotland match and kept an eye on the Argentinia one. Will likely watch the other Scotland games if I can with an interest but doubt I'll tune into any others unless it's a crunch game or the likes...


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all the hype put me off,before it even kicked off bbc and sky were making out the whole country was at fever pitch excitement,final straw was krankie showing up for selfies, politicising it, wont be watching.


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Three irons on my chest the England World Cup song?

After the game finished on Sunday a wee Blondie who came on in an England tracky looked just swell.


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Some games have been poor,but the Americans have just gone 3 up and playing ok.
Plus I’ve just found said naked pics:D


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If it was played on a smaller pitch, with smaller goals, for less time it might be entertaining. As it is, it's slow, ponderous, boring and the goalkeeping is woeful.


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Theres no passion in it. Watched the England Scotland game the other night and it was just applause at goals. No roaring and screaming, no jumping about. Same in the game play, lacks the physical edge that gives the mens game another dimension ontop of the technical ability on show.


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I love watching the women compete in athletics, track and field, long distance running etc. However, football, rugby, I just can't get in to. It feels a bit shite and forced.