At what point was Morelos’ stock at its highest?


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I’ll disagree. In spite of the red versus the papas on the 29th, he played well. We had the break and came back with him suspended. Right up to his first game back his stock was high. All this “first post nails it” pish doesn’t work here.
All about opinions mate, you seem to be the only one on the thread with that opinion, a lot are even saying before that game. Yes you could argue up until 90+5 mins against the tarriers but anything after that is nonsense. Even at Motherwell away a few weeks before he was showing signs of his old ways.


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Probably the morning of the LCF. He tried hard that day but hit an awful penalty and lost the head afterwards to the extent he should have been taken off.

The elephant in the room is that for all his stock was high with us it never really was with anyone else.


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I think we will find that clubs transfer budgets will be slashed due to the economic damage of the a Pandemic. Form aside (which has been shocking recently), I don’t think the previous valuations apply now, which is depressing in itself.

it’s a big IF but if we could get 8 figures, I would take what we can get for him and use the money to rebuild.


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November/December 2019 - without question. He appeared to have gotten over the petulance and was putting everything into his football. Morelos was amazing for Rangers in the first half of the season.
Scoring goals in the Europa League was getting positive attention outside of Glasgow.

Even now, I shake my head at him not just taking the shot at goal in the last minute at the Piggery. A goal was there to be had. I know he had just been elbowed off the ball a few minutes earlier but I wish he had just shrugged that off and looked for revenge through a goal.


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Hindsight in current form Jan would have been a good time to sell him from a ££ point of view but we would have been apoplectic if that had happened. Short term i can see transfer fees taking a hit and movement off players slow down. Can we afford to spend another £7-£10m without cashing in on some assets? i'm not sure, will we get pre coronavirus market value? probably not.


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No one is really sure what will happen I can't see huge movement from many teams this summer in general players as well will want stability


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The 90th minute against the beggars, after the sending off it has totally spiralled down the way. This lay off may give him space to reset his mindset and his best is yet to come.
See if he'd just have stayed on his feet that day and slotted that chance away, what a difference it could have made.

Instead of finishing them off with the killer goal, it just all went downhill from then on. Still of the opinion that his agents been up to no good.

kirk elder

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His agent will be stirring the pot for sure, tbh I’d expect no less. I hope he has sorted his head and is ready to come flying ou the blocks.


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His goals away to Feyenoord were something else, to be honest I didn't think he was capable of that. At that point I thought he was destined for greater things. However the last few weeks he's regressed quite a bit and looks like the Alfie of old. The talent is there but he's done himself no favours by getting sent off.


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As said earlier by another poster, it was the morning of the LCF. If he had added a cup winning goal to his CV and all the news outlets his value would have rocketed.
I always think he strikes the ball in a strangely clumsy way.Anyone else think that?
I dont care how they go in , but he does miss a fair amount.


Around the period of porto away to feyenoord away. The quality of finishes in those games against a very decent standard of oppositiom would certainly have placed him in the 30m valuation.