Austria Vienna... should we be beating them?

I thoroughly enjoyed the game at Ibrox and thought it was a very entertaining game between two evenly matched sides. Anyway, just curious about our opponents... does anyone on here have any knowledge of their wage budget, summer transfer dealings etc. Basically, is this a team on paper that we should be beating on Thursday evening?


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Don’t know about them, but Rapid Vienna - yes.

We’ve spent a lot more on transfers over the past two seasons, their outlay has been around £7m in total in the last two years.

Their big signing this summer, oddly enough, was Mateo Barac from Osijek of all places at £1.2m.

I think in normal circumstances - when we aren’t having to quickly rebuild - we’d be very very similar in terms of finances.


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Rapid are not a great team. We are more than capable of beating them.

We have been more than capable of beating any of the European teams that we’ve played, such as the luck of the draw.

Whilst our European run has been excellent (of that there is no doubt), it’s not come as an enormous surprise as there’s no results that’s made anyone think “wow I never saw that coming” other than the Villareal game under the circumstances.


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They've got a very good record at home in Europe this season so it isn't going to be easy.

Their home games so far this season in Europa League
0-0 Villarreal
2-0 Spartak Moscow
3-1 Steaua Bucharest
4-0 Slovan Bratislava

Going back to season 16-17 their home record wasn't bad either

1-1 Atletico Bilbao
1-1 Sassuolo
3-2 Genk
0-2 AS Trencin (They had won the first leg 4-0 away)
3-0 Torpedo Zhodino

15-16 was a decent run for them as well, although they got rumped 10-0 on aggregate by Valencia in Europa League last 32.

0-4 Valencia
2-1 Dinamo Minsk
3-2 Plzen
2-1 Villarreal

In their CL Qualifiers then lost 1-0 at home to Shakhtar and drew 2-2 at home to Ajax (beating them 3-2 away)

Domestically they've lost to LASK (1-0), St Potten (2-0), Austria Vienna (1-0) in the league.

Looking more positively at our results this season in Europe then we've got a very good away record besides the shambles in Moscow

0-0 Shkupi
1-0 Osijek
0-0 Maribor
1-1 Ufa (down to 9 men)
2-2 Villarreal
3-4 Spartak Moscow (should really have won that)

It's set up to be a very exciting tie which we need to win.


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The bookies have Rapid at roughly 6/4 and Rangers at 2/1, and this is probably a fair reflection of which way the tie is balanced.

We can win there, no doubt about that. The two sides are of a similar standard and with the amount of bears travelling the fact that they are at home is not as big a factor as it should be.


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We should be beating aberdeen but couldn't manage it after 3 attempts .Just let that sink in.
Can't see Rapid playing the same way Aberdeen did in those 3 games. We struggle against teams who sit in tight. Think Rapid will be a bit more open and try and win the match.


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We've won one in 6 away in Europe this year.

Rapid unbeaten at home in their 4 European games this season

If this wasn't Rangers and you asked me to call the result...


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We have no God given right to beat anyone.

If we play to the levels we are capable of then I am confident we will get the result we need, but we cannot afford to go down to 10 men that's for sure!


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Any away trip in Europe at this level will be difficult for us and probably a little unpredictable. I'll be delighted if we can carve out a victory and I have faith that we can.

8-0 Rangers.


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Yes, we should be, but that has never been how we've worked in Europe.

Will be our best result in years if we win, but I suspect it'll be a draw and we will just say "ah well, we over achieved anyway".
We need big performances from players like Alan MacGregor and John Flannigan if we're going to get a result.

Hopefully the Stephen Davies rumours are true for January and we can do some damage in the knockout stages.