Ballymena United F.C. v Rangers Colts


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Great to see Rangers over here again.

Don't go to Irish league games but will make an effort for this.

Clough Rangers Supporters Club 10 minutes drive from the ground for any bears looking a refreshment too
I have many friends from Ballymena and on my one and only visit I watched a Gers game v St Johnstone in the Railway Tavern a couple of years ago. Its where the Ballymena Loyal can be found and I cannot reccomend it highly enough. This would without a doubt have been my 2nd visit to Ballymena but still having to work, has fcuked that up GRRRR
For those interested, Linguists who specialize in 'regional dialects' actually classify the 'Ballymena' dialect - along with that part of North Antrim - as 'Scottish' - particularly south-west Scotland.

This may not be too surprising because that part of Ulster, being physically/geographically closest to Scotland, experienced the heaviest migration level of Scots during the Ulster Plantation.
Always found them to be alright when down there although as said they do not have a large following. Enjoyed using their wee unofficial bar before they had to dismantle it following Cliftonville fans actions at Narrow Water
Never was in that club, i have been in quite a few at various grounds following the Glens including Donegal Septic.