Biggest soaking you've had at the football?

Diego Forlan

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Yesterday was wild pre and post match, although I'm lucky enough I now sit in the club deck so avoided it on the most part during the game. Worst of it was some dick going through a massive puddle at the motorway junctions next to Pollock park at speed on purpose.

I remember El hadji dioufs first game (where he got done by Ian Black) midweek 2011 season and it was a complete wash out. Was sitting in the enclosure and the stewards were allowing anyone who was daft enough to still be there after 70mins to stand against the back wall to shelter!


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Walter's first game back after PLG, January 2007 v Dundee Utd.

I was in my old seat in the Govan Front and the heavens just opened. Was wearing a wee flimsy jacket with a t-shirt and jumper under it, and all 3 layers were fucking soaking.


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Aberdeen 0 Rangers 0 played on a swimming pool during torrential rain and I wasn't under cover.

I got soaked walking to and from the game yesterday but it was nothing in comparison to the game above. I can't remember the year but I am sure there will be someone out there that can enlighten me.


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Yesterday. Walk from Ibrox back to the car near the grapes had me soaked threw.

Dundee Utd away when the game got postponed at half time was bad as well.


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Yesterday on my way back home from the match I witnessed a large tree fall down due to nothing other than the sheer rainfall.

Never known anything like it before.


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Midweek game at the old tynecastle absolutely pissed it down no cover on terraces my bovril turned into water in about 20 secs
That was the first game that came to my mind suede shoes on jacket that wasn't waterproof, dry when we left Glasgow Tsunami when we get to Edinburgh, definitely the wettest I've ever been at a match.


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Game against Dundee Utd at Ibrox, Barry Robson scored a last minute free kick I think, I couldn't get any more wet even if I jumped in the clyde

Laidlaw Loyal

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I got in a 'disagreement' with a fellow fan* away at Dunfermline in 2004 and the big galoot dunked his juice all over me. Other than that Shelbourne away was soaking.

*If you're on here, you were right and Alan Hutton is/was not 'shite'.


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Yesterday. Walk from Ibrox back to the car near the grapes had me soaked threw.

Dundee Utd away when the game got postponed at half time was bad as well.
I was at my Granddaughters christening that day in the Neptune.Managed to sneak away with my two lads and walk down to the Kensington for the second half...Drookit.:D
Being of a certain era,soakings were a regular occurrence due to the lack of covered terracing.


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Midweek game at the old tynecastle absolutely pissed it down no cover on terraces my bovril turned into water in about 20 secs, the marseille 2.2 CL game or the 4.4 rangers v celtic at ibrox i was drenched
Yes to all of those. Haha.

Also remember a horrific game a t Dens, perhaps a cup tie v Forfar?, where it blew freezing rain straight into my face for 90 minutes.

Horrendous experience. :D


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Six years ago I went to a first round Scottish Cup tie between Culter Juniors and Berwick Rangers. The rain came on just as I reached the ground and it was torrential for the entire game. There is no cover at this ground and I stood behind one of the goals for the game's duration. I then had to walk down the road in the torrent after it to get the bus. I was literally squelching by the time I got there. I would never watch a game in such circumstances again.


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Osasuna in 1985 at Ibrox in the UEFA Cup was the biggest soaking. If it had been a league game there's no way it would have gone ahead:

The worst I've ever felt though was a game v Dundee Utd in 1989. The rain turned to sleet and it was blowing a gale. On the bus back home I couldn't stop shaking and no matter how high the heating was I couldn't warm up. Ended up with a heavy cold and a few days off work lol.

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Sporting Lisbon at Ibrox in 1971 sticks out in my mind as to the biggest soaking I've had going to, during and returning from a game. Still recall getting on the ferry to Kelvinhaugh and everyone trying to get under the wee covering. I was too wet to be bothered trying.


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Hampden against the Scum 92 we won 1-0 Davie Roberstson sent off was in the uncovered terracing that night.
Was about to post the very same game.

Defo the winner by a mile. Was off school the rest of that week absolutely loaded with the cold. Wasn't just the horizontal rain. It was the wind too that night.


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Berwick 1978. Rained the whole game. We were in the terracing to the left of the shed. It was a grass slope. As the game went on it became more crowded, but was because the grass was so slippy everyone was sliding down the slope.
The Osasuna game in the mid 80s was worse for rain, but I was dry in the Copland Rear. That game should never have been played. If it hadn't been for the surface water we would have won comfortably.


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As in travelling it would be Osasuna at Ibrox 1-0 Craig Paterson. Even the subway got shut due to flooding. Actually during the game it’ll be having a North Enclosure ticket for Ally’s semi-final v the Humphers when we survived Andrew Waddell as ref and biblical style rain !! :)):))


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The night Rangers paraded the ECWC round the track was a horrendous night.
Another at Hampden springs to mind sure it was a semi against Motherwell during Pettigrews time.
Dates and times are gone now!

Walt Longmire

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Osasuna at Ibrox back in the 80’s
This one for me.
Already soaked through (programme disintegrated) I had to wade through a waist high flood at the bottom of Haggs Road.

Another 'programme disintegrator' was the New Year Old Firm game at Ibrox in Souness' first season - 2-0 (McCoist and Fleck.)
Walters last game when we played Dundee Utd.

Left the Govan Front after the full time whistle, and was soaked through by the time I made it down to the Ladbrokes round the corner from the Subway