Candeias still wearing his Rangers gear


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Sure he's the 2nd or 3rd most capped player for Portugal at youth level. Something like 67 caps up to U21 level.


Love the candy man but we have moved on from players with his ability, you can get away with pure graft and desire in the more defensive areas but up top we need more quality especially if we want to reach the champs league and be looking to get the Europa spot.


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His combination with Tav was superb, he grafted all day, and the back heel, made him a good guy, but with him leaving I think Alfredo has become better, and he done interviews in English for 55. He loves the cluuub.
Add to that, the better quality players we now have, and I’d say he wasn’t getting a game, bar the odd cup match. Hagi, Aribo and Roofe are fighting for that spot.


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Really likeable guy.

That’s the difference now though, we have quality footballers rather than just grafters and we are better for it.

Best of luck to him.
Absolutey agree - I really enjoyed his effort and the sheer amount of work that he put into matches.

Reality is that he was miles off what we have in the team today though - not enough goals and not enough assists to compete for a place.

My son will always love him for that back-heel though - and what an outstanding early memory of staying up late on a school night and supporting Rangers that would be!


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Lot of time for Danny. That back heel for Alfie’s goal against Rapid Vienna was a highlight of that season.
Was the fact he got on the end of his own clearance before releasing Alfie with the back heel.
I was fond of Candeias, just unfortunately not what we needed going forward.

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A good player but always a potential risk, blowing kisses at all and sundry all over the pitch.

You just never know when that sort of behaviour will get your team into trouble.

If he could just cut out the air-kisses, well, the sky is the limit.


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Good hard working player. Bit of skill, lots of heart. He will be remembered fondly by me.

However he seems to be one of those players who gets better and better the longer he is away. He would not get anywhere near our first team.


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I remember his debut vs Progres and he, Ryan Jack, Alfie and Cardoso stood out, as did Dalcio but for very different reasons. Always like his energy and seemed to like his time at the club. Good luck to him.