Celtic Boys’ Club boss had key role in appointing Tommy Burns


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The fact Jim McCafferty was the last person to phone his house is hugely significant.

A local paedophile was charged with his murder but my take on it reading between the lines Lawrence was pimped out by McCafferty, the boy had enough was going to expose the ring and he was silenced. He was seen as their next Paul McStay he was tipped to go far in the game. People would have listened to him. His story couldn’t be made public.
IMO in time this case will become central to this whole situation


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Wow , never knew that .
Stevenson was a nonce on an industrial scale so the fact that he worked with McCafferty says it all .
Massive paedo ring at work here.
I'm on the case mate. I'm looking for tangible proof that can link Stevenson with any of the convicted abusers at cfc. So far I have found a link between Stevenson & Mcafferty. They both helped run Chelsea Boys club in Blantyre. Any information you find could you PM me please mate?

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For me, this isn't about point scoring etc. I don't care that they'll potentially be out of pocket. What I do care about is the victims who've been brave enough to come forward, been belittled, ignored and bullied for doing so getting some justice. It's akin to the Liverpool campaign for the 96 in many ways. That its gone this long with nothing but denial and not even an apology is utterly disgusting.
The " Bunnet" is not the big hero everybody thinks he is
Explain, he was no hero but he did refuse to have Cairney re-employed at parkhead did he not.

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Justice for the victims is paramount but this must not be forgotten.

There is a narrative which must be set before the Celtc minded get in there. We know how that story goes. I’ll start:

- Demotion to the lowest tier of Scottish football.
- Removal of trophies won during the period when this was knowingly going on and enabled by Celtc FC.
- A significant financial punishment (distinct from any compensation from victims) used as a donation to youth charities.
- Removal of all involved from the Scottish Football Hall of Fame.

That’s a starting point.
This is a lot worse than flying the tricolour over parkhead. The SFA wished to have them banished from Scottish football altogether, it was only Rangers that stopped this from happening. Get them out of Scottish football, now.

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A club like no other indeed...

A lot of ex Celtic figures took to their graves secrets of what went on and slowly but surely over time these are being exposed with great detail.

A disgusting, rancid and lying club who's officials past and present have/had zero morals whilst showing absolutely no sympathy or accepting any form of responsibility for what has went on.

These bastards deserve all they get and how anyone no matter if they are a fan or club employee can associate themselves with the club and look in the mirror shamelessly is beyond me.

A disgrace to society yet our countries politicians, football governing body and justice system turn a blind eye to it due them all being infested with Celtic people from top to bottom.
Totally agree with you, but are we protestants not supposed to out number these papish scum bastards, I don't think so, not now days anyway.