Celtic fans taking drugs


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I'm surprised that this is coming out now. Been going on for years. Remember going down to old Trafford in the cl game we got beat 3-0,coke everywhere on the coach.

Shengus Malengus

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Wish some would take pharmaceuticals before the game, namely imodium.

Queue for the cubicles in West Enclosure at HT can be huge. Cant understand why so many people would want to go for a Gladys Knight at the game.
I’m going to stick my turtle neck out here and say it’s because they are bursting for a Gladys.

Salubrious surroundings is not a requirement when the bumbilical cord is about to snap.


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Fúck taking gear and watching a game of football. Up and down to the toilet every 10mins charging out your nut. Sounds crap.


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TalkSPORT discussing drugs at games at the moment. Stating that they swab toilets after games. Not sure if it’s the clubs or an independent organisation that swab them
But how can they give a percentage by swabbing toilets?


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It shows... after all the deluded moonhowlers honestly believed Rafa and Jose were managerial prospects not to mention the one who suggested Gareth Bale on lowball deal...some powerful shit being ingested methinks!
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