Celtic fans taking drugs

Wish some would take pharmaceuticals before the game, namely imodium.

Queue for the cubicles in West Enclosure at HT can be huge. Cant understand why so many people would want to go for a Gladys Knight at the game.
I’m going to stick my turtle neck out here and say it’s because they are bursting for a Gladys.

Salubrious surroundings is not a requirement when the bumbilical cord is about to snap.
If you banned everyone who has at one time taking gear before or during an away game, the place would be dead. I'm in that age group and don't do it ( I have a heart condition, it would kill me!) but its definitely the majority of people.

Or maybe my bus is different.
Not doubting what your saying mate. If I was there with my kids and they seen that, I’d have no problem what so ever in letting a steward know. The sad bastards need to get a life.