Celtic site this morning said no signing Nikola!!


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£2m Croat to Rangers story rubbished – it’s a red neck for the Record
Editor12 June, 2018

RATHER embarrassing for the Daily Record this morning as a freelance football writer blows their credibility out of the water of their succulent story that Rangers are in hot pursuit of the £2million Croatian defender Nikola Katic. The
defender current club is Slaven Belupo but he has apparently attracting interest from Steven Gerrard and also Spartak Moscow with the Record suggesting that ‘Gers set to Nik £2m Croat.’

A big money signing imminent then? No actually, according to a freelancer who has actually spoken to the player’s club (unlikely the Record apparently), the deal is regarded as being DEAD. Just like the old Rangers…

Richard Wilson, a writer on Scottish, Croatian and Slovenian football – see @timomouse – rubbishes the red top story, stating that The Record, despite their headline and story have not spoken to the player’s club, but he has.

“I’ve been told directly that Rangers enquiries about the player and followed up with a bid under £500k which was rejected and the £2m quoted at them. They have not been back in touch since last week and the deal is considered dead.”

That’s all rather embarrassing. Judge for yourselves…it could all just be a big mistake and the £2m will be deposited any day now in a Croatian bank just as soon as an account can be opened.

This is today’s Daily Record back page.

They haven’t spoken to Slaven.

I have. pic.twitter.com/nIobXfBot2

— Richard Wilson (@timomouse) June 12, 2018

I’ve been told directly that Rangers enquiries about the player and followed up with a bid under £500k which was rejected and the £2m quoted at them. They have not been back in touch since last week and the deal is considered dead.

— Richard Wilson (@timomouse) June 12, 2018

So Gers are very much not set to Nik £2m Croat unless they get real with their valuation of the player.

— Richard Wilson (@timomouse) June 12, 2018

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I know the Peasants are as thick as mashed potato and like anything plastic, especially their supposed identity ,but do they now have plastic journos writing that embarrassing shite ? :D

yosser hughes

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you would think at some point they would take the hint and stop making an arse of themselves with stuff like this,, but no , not the tarriers ,in they jump, both feet and time and time again they make a rip roaring roger hunt of it , if tarriers weren't real we would have to make these c@nts up,, its the irish in them in sure


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They will say any thing that comes into their empty sculls at any time, they are fed this shit from birth and every day after whence the shit from this article.


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Richard Wilson (timomouse) is taking pelters about this on twitter. He's claiming to be impartial while furiously deleting tweets that show he's a Rangers hating scumbag.


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@Timomouse’s twitter header says that he reports on Scottish and Croatian football, yet his timeline has no mention whatsoever of a young Croat signing for a team in Scotland.

He must actually haveinside knowledge of Croatian football. During his backtrack this morning, he claimed that Katic wasn’t worth £2m. At that point he must have known that deal was done and how much Rangers paid.


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They are obsessed with us.

@mdingwall check out the page Sakhalin Bhoy on Facebook.
You are mentioned from a place so far away, it can only be classed as the arse end of the world.

The obsessed one on there classes himself as a " journalist".....all he writes about is us......lunatic.

Steve Snedden

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Your output has increased significantly recently. What's the reason for this unblocking of the creative juices?

Are you putting amphetamines in your Irn Bru or are you in a new relationship?

Whatever the reason it's working. Keep doing what you are doing!