Claude Puel on the brink

Leicester seems like a pretty down-to-earth place.

I doubt they will take to David Brent down there, Probably end up claiming Coventry fans stopped him on the M40 in rush hour to welcome him back to England then Imagining a 85 year old fan staying in the same hotels and wearing a scarf and handing out envelopes to players on who will "let him and the team down this season".

He's a fucking weirdo.
I would go for Eddie Howe if I was them. Has done miracles to keep Bournemouth in the top league but time looks right for him to move before they inevitably struggle.
Eddie Howe is obviously loyal to them, but for his own sake he should look for a change. Taken them as far as they can go, and if they were to get relegated then that will always be on his CV.