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If we had signed Di Canio could we have kept him and done well with him?

Watching 96 game where he was all over us but had no help nd remember he fell out with the taigs because o money.

Don’t want abuse was just a thought?


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No, I think we already had a temperamental icon in Gascoigne. Having two "free spirits" may have been even too much for Walter to deal with!


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Ffsake, his Nazi salute years later would still be getting held against us in the Filthy phress in Scotland, it would be a constant front and back page photo opportunity every time they were looking to demonise us or on a slow news day.
Great player, but we dodged a bullet in this one.

The Filth could have signed Hitler before he became famous and it would have been glossed over by the Scottish press and media.
We are held to a different standard.


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Admittedly a talented player but a scumbag - better suited to the bheasts.
Best remembered for getting on the wrong side of Goram (love that clip; never fails to raise a laugh).


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Who was being kept out of our team to accommodate The Fascist?

We look to sign players with the right mentality and temperament.

They have a history of signing scumbags like him.

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
He was a quality player if we’re being honest. But we didn’t need him because we had better, and he is and will always be a scum bastard.


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For all his mental failings he was a fantastic player who actually got better with age.

The vermin paid just less than £1m for him as well. When you think of some of the sums we were splashing out around this time it highlights even then when we had the deck stacked in our favour we weren’t utilising it as we should have