Decent VLOG on last nights game from a couple of neutrals


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Good watch and he caught the second goal on camera which was quality.

And they were in the club deck which is definitely more reserved than other parts of the ground.


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Fk hot dogs at the Louden I missed that one, got a pie and cheese and ham roll though, thanks Robert. Btw we need to reach the dad how to pronounce Louden. Great night the bouncy was just a release of pure joy.


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He done one at the tattiedome - Think it was Lazio, identical speak.

Loodon? Gotta love those cock-er-knees :))


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Here was me thinking everyone was sat on their seat in silence all night going by the other thread on here. Great video.
The thing is, Ibrox has undoubtedly been far more rocking than it was last night on many an occasion, yet someone who hasn't experienced the place before was clearly blown away by the passion emanating from the stands.

So perhaps it suggests that a lot of the folk who bemoan the support constantly are being unrealistically harsh regarding lack of atmosphere.

It simply isn't ever going to be 90 mins of explosive noise every game. But when the occasion and the performance hits the highs, the support more than deliver in response.


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Think these guys were at the Motherwell v Aberdeen game a few weeks ago, was decent to watch.

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Great video. His user name is Thogden and him and his dad are Bolton fans, he did some good stuff from Russia following England last year.