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Not tonight. I was dissappoinred about the Lisbon game because we missed chances and took our foot of the gas.
Tonight was different we had to work really hard to get something out of the game. Even though we had a 2 goal lead.
We're in a great position after 4 games in a tough group.
Its a long way from Luxembourg 3 years ago.


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I was angry when they equalised.

But by the final whistle I was relatively sanguine.

We've come a long way under Stevie G.

And we were up against a really good attacking side.
Same as me, we went head to head and competed with an excellent side tonight, limited them to a handful of chances and could have won ourselves. Still undefeated, soon be Christmas.
Rangers are unbeaten this season. Two draws against a top quality European side and we are disappointed.

That is how far we have come.

There in lies the crux of the matter, unbeaten in Europe, playing well home and abroad, such things were mere dreams to many of us for the last decade or more.

This team are growing every game and what the management team are doing is nothing short of remarkable. We need to run before we can walk and let's get the league title home before we start getting upset about drawing with one of the best teams in europe over the last 5 years, who make as much money in one season as we do in near enough a decade.


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No wonder footballs f**ked if thats your thinking. Let's hope the players dont think they were holding on in both games for 800,000.

That money still doesnt put a dent in benficas spending. Time you realised this instead of coming out with nonsence like this.

Go have a game of monopoly and calm down ffs.
No, it's not all about the money, but for a club like us that kind of money is hugely important. Or have you not seen the recent accounts?!

Of course the football on the pitch is what matters to us most, but that kind of money - which we had in our hands on both occasions - is massive to us.

So, yes, overall I am disappointed. That's hardly controversial ffs.


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It is disappointing because we were solid for 80 minutes but Benfica are a top quality side and 2-0 really flattered us if being honest.

We are in a great position to top the group and 8 points undefeated after 4 matches having played Benfica twice is impressive.

I feel more disappointed for the players as they should be able to say they beat Benfica in atleast one of the two matches.


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No, it's not all about the money, but for a club like us that kind of money is hugely important. Or have you not seen the recent accounts?!

Of course the football on the pitch is what matters to us most, but that kind of money - which we had in our hands on both occasions - is massive to us.

So, yes, overall I am disappointed. That's hardly controversial ffs.
They are a club who after spending a 100 mill have twice had to fight their way back against us and play their get out of jail card.

They are a quality team and the fact they know they've been up against with us, is a great credit to Rangers.

Look at it this way, we've made money by getting 2 draws against them, which to be honest I thought we would do well to draw at Ibrox and probably lose over there.

We're in a much better position than I thought we would be at this stage


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Scunnered to chuck away the result and especially after Liege winning after being 1 down with 10 men.

Sign of where we are that we can be upset unbeaten v Benfica. However, 2 goals up with 10 to play. Again. Very very frustrating.

Team are going fantastically well, but we are still allowed to be gutted/disappointed to drop a 2 goal lead twice in 2 games v same (top drawer) opposition.

tottie beck

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Yes i'm disappointed. It's still too raw.

In the grand scheme of things of course weve done tremendously well, but to allow our opponents back into two games we should have won leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

edit: just saw the tie break is head to head and not GD, so I feel a bit better already that 1st place is still in our hands


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Yes, initially anyway.

I'm a bit more sanguine about it now as the dust settles, Benfica are a very good side with high quality players & we've matched them home and away.
I'd like to think it will stand us in good stead for the future and help our game management in difficult occasions, certainly I think it's a benefit to us to play teams of that standard.

Carlton The Bear

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Here’s one for anyone who’s upset tonight.

Don’t be too down. Cause you could always be Niec Lennon and then you’d have something to really worry about. On multiple levels.

Yeooo! WATP


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couldave been and certaintly shouldave been, both games against Benfica have left us really disapponted but just goes to show how far our Rangers have moved on, we fear nobody and our football team is now a team to be feared and respected again


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Always frustrating to drop points when two up but nowhere near as wound up as the away leg. They are some team and coming out on top in the head to head is a great result.


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Yeah this for me, we played much better in Lisbon than we did tonight & we were great tonight. They just couldn’t get near us in Lisbon & we missed glorious chances.

Tonight, a draw was probably a fair reflection even if ridiculously frustrating.

Agree, I'm usually quite harsh and hate the 'Just think where we were X amount of years ago' but have a feeling that Benfica side are more than useful.

Must admit I was on here fuming after the first game so not going to get too upset about folk not being happy.


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Their second goal was a piece of artistry. Can't really be too angry about that one. The first goal is a different matter though.


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Hell no I’m delighted where we are improving every game and top of the league
Domestically and in Europe loving every minute of this season, keep believing.


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Yes, disappointed and frustrated we couldn't see the job through. We're allowed to be after losing a 2 goal lead twice on the bounce in this competition. We don't always have to use the Brechin Hedge or Pedro Bush as reference points. I think most people get it.

exiled bluenose

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Unlucky tonight but im so proud of the players and management. The pressing, tracking back creativity, energy and tempo they are playing with now is exciting and beautiful to watch. Alfie is like a new player now that hes sitting a wee bit deeper and laying the ball off for the runners to carry it into the box or play the ball wide. The amount of tracking back hes doing now is also incredible. He still needs a bit of luck to get the goals rattling in again but we got Roofe who can do that job too. I could write paragraphs eulogising every member of our team tonight but all that really needs to be said to everyone is thanks for giving us our Rangers back.

Bob Belcher

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At full time my overriding thought was that I couldn't really be angry at the result. We've been pegged back twice by a quality side; a team that most of us thought we'd struggle to keep pace with. To be able to say we're on a par with a team like Benfica is pretty good going.


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Frustrated yes only because we didn't keep hold of the ball for long spells and thought we were off it I thought,having said that I think we'd have taken that before a ball was kicked,but not after going two up. Maybe splitting hairs a bit but I thought we were superb as a unit the way we tracked runs because their link ups were tricky and we did well to stick with them and Leon was superb. Should still qualify with room to spare


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Just goes to show how far expectations go when anyone can be disappointed with a draw against a top top team. Their 1 touch football was a delight to watch and I really do think this was the best result of the season. Best team we have faced by a country mile.


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They are a very very good side over 2 games Rangers were better Benfica were clinical when it mattered that’s only slight difference between the 2 sides
Remarkable progression in 3 years


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113 days since we last lost a game. There are bears who have had kids since then that have never been alive for a Rangers defeat . We will still qualify, we actually will learn from this and we actually will probably work on the mistakes


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Not sure how anyone can equate a game where we are playing 10 men and under zero threat. Squabbling over 4th and 5th goals.

To timewasting from the 6th minute trying to hold a 1-0 tonight against the very same team that we couldnt get near last week before the red card.


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Let's give credit to benfica instead of being hard on ourselves. They are a top side who have shown over 2 games they have fighting quality in their game too.

I've seen a lot of teams in Europe who let their heads go down when 2 behind, this team have shown they're up for it.

We've done exceptionally well here.


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Just underlines that we need to continue to improve.
I was frustrated with how we played at times. That frustration was offset by getting in front twice during the game.

If we played them again tomorrow it would be more of the same. A little more control will come with added quality.


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At the time I was. However, in retrospect, when you actually take a look at who we were playing and what we have achieved thus far, the answer has to be no.

That's not to say we shouldn't look to the future, and accept that out level. For me, as long as we have a long term plan in place, I see no reason why we can't be competing with these teams in 5+ years assuming we maintain our current levels of consistency and manage to get a few seasons of CL football under our feet.


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Yes, I'm disappointed. We had the chance to qualify tonight, and be favourites to win the group.

Win the group and avoid a tough draw in the next round. Avoid like - Bayer Leverkusen.

Also take another big European scalp.

If we want to improve, we can't just accept that we did well against a "technically better " team. Just accept that Benfica are CL club. They're not in the CL this season for a reason.

As Rangers progress the bar gets higher. We must beat teams traditionally thought of as bigger / better than us.

I think we should be disappointed tonight. If we are disappointed we move forward. If we're not disappointed, and think it's not a bad result, because it's Benfica, or some technically better team, or a CL team then we are not going to................
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The game in Lisbon was worse.

I think everyone tonight could see that we couldn’t maintain the level of tracking and defensive discipline that we’d like and we tired a little, both physically and probably more crucially mentally.

It’s no shame against a good opponent but you don’t work backwards to avoid the argument even existing - we ‘blew’ leads in both games but the context of tonight’s was a little different and nowhere near as frustrating. It’s all about small margins against this level of competition. Had the officials been at all competent we may have been three up. That’s quite something.

I do find the common misunderstanding re what making substitutions can do to the flow of a game at least a little troubling but I think most of it is in good faith - we’re not yet quite at the stage where simple criticism can’t be delivered, any more than we should dismiss any of it by simply acting as gatekeepers who will tell the rest of the support when the ‘Ah, but remember the hedge’ or ‘Not long ago we were this’ finally expires.

The fact we’ve been so impressive shifts not only expectations but standards - that’s why we’re so happy with the players and the management. And there’s no going back now to making excuses that fit an old model. There will likely be some tough times and frustrating defeats and draws ahead but I doubt anyone really believes that we’re not (in both a general sense) improving and (specifically) witnessing an approach and a commitment that should make this season a proud and trophy-winning occasion.

If this is the worst that any Rangers fan feels this season we’ll be happier than a happy man from Happyville, Happytown come May.