Favourite Euros

Favourite Euros

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Has to be France 84. Brilliant team. Platini, Tigana, Giresse etc. They were due it after being cheated out of reaching the World Cup final in 82.


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96 is the nostalgia vote - I get it I voted for Italia 90.

But actually, a lot of the games were way worse than Italia 90.

Euro 2000 gave us:

Portugal 3 England 2
Romania 3 England 2
Yugoslavia 3 Slovenia 3
Spain 4 Yugoslavia 3
France 2 Holland 3
France 2 Spain 1
Holland 6 Yugoslavia 1
France 2 Portugal 1
Italy 0 Holland 0 (I remember this as an exciting 0-0)
The final.


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Voted 2004 purely because I went over for the full month. Went to several games, England v France being the pick of the bunch.

Still raging that Greece won the final, the party is Portugal had won would have been off the charts


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Has to be France 2016. Those 2 nights in Lyon, partying, boozing and dancing, topped off by beating Ukraine. Only 55 will surpass that.
Taking that out of the equation, probably Euro ‘96


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Same as WC thread - 96 purely for being 9 and completely absorbed in football. Great games, close to home, Scotland part of it, England getting put out on pens in the SF. Only downside was a fairly boring final. Just has a bit of nostalgia for me.


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Euro 96 is my favourite, although Czech Republic's 3-2 win over Holland at Euro 2004 is the best international game of football I've watched.
Same mate, I’m going to rewatch that game tonight actually!

Has to be France 2016 for me, I was born the last year NI were at a tournament and being so dire most of my life (the year and a half without even scoring) pretty much everyone thought we would never get to the big time again. Actually being at the tournament was a dream come true, the buzz, the beer the craic and actually winning a game. Shame about the weather though. I will be watching our match that we qualified against Greece on Thursday night with a few beers instead of watching our play off against Bosnia.

Euro 96 was brilliant, also love watching the Dutch team in any tournament in the 2000’s, the players they had...


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Sweden 92.

Biggest underdog story in international football history. (until Greece in 2004 anyway)


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I think folk are massively misremembering 1996. The majority of the games were utterly dreadful.

We had a long spell of very good weather in the UK at the time, and I suspect that's helping boost favour.


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I largely missed euro 96 because I was away on holiday in Florida, didn't even know the Scotland-England score until the uk papers were available 2 days later...it was 1996.

Went for euro 2000 which was a great tournament.


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Euro 96 simply because our primary school won tickets to go to a game at st james park. The only full tournament game I have ever been at.


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Euro 96 due to amount of Rangers connections also attended game at Villa park , super Ally wonder goal ,


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Euro 2008.

Just as Spain were beginning to come into their prime, some team they had.

Was in Mallorca for the final, place was mental.

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Voted 96 but makes me realise the euros don't grab me the same way as the world cup does. Can't remember much about any of the others


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Euro 2000 , absolutely brilliant , spain 4 Yugoslavia 3! What a game , the Dutch were superb until they met Italy and de boer had another penalty shocker!!!
Then the french sucker ounched Italy

that was by far the best tournament imo