Follow Follow fanzine number 8 - the Maurice Johnston issue


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I've got that, also got a special edition one that i ordered through FF that was full of MoJo gags, Had John Greig on the front with a speech bubble saying "go home ya hun"


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Brought some good memories back. Used to buy and read on the bus home to Airdrie as a teenager.

Good times.


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Thanks for that. For two reasons; firstly the walk down Memory Lane and secondly the page 12 reference to the TV programme.
I’ve been scratching my head trying to remember when this programme was made and what the series was called.
Anyone any idea of the name or of any links?


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First issue I ever bought. Still got that and a couple of others from around that time at home, great stuff.

Alex Venters

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Loved the fanzine back in the day.
Quick perusal on the way home on the bus.
Sometimes a Saturday night read,but more often a Sunday morning.
Some great writers contributed too.

To be honest I miss it, badly.