Gary Lineker claims he received racist abuse for having 'darker skin'


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What a wanker and what an insult to those who did actually receive racial abuse.

He just can’t help himself getting involved, a total attention seeker.

Folk like him do genuine victims of racism the biggest disservice ever

Virtue signallers dilute genuine racism by their claims and antics and are guilty constantly of reverse racism. The hard left make minorities they’re own little pet projects it’s disgusting


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I watched him on the GB video clip last night. My first reaction was yeah Gary you sure look scarred after suffering a lifetime of misery due to colour prejudice. My second reaction was you are a liar in this instance and an appalling attention seeker of the lowest kind.


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This might be 'the feather' for me where Lineker is concerned.

Even through most of his woke bs I have liked him, never really taken too much offence at anything he spouts.

He is a celebrity after all, they are meant to spout pish right?

But MTF Gary, this is a riddy mate. You take a good bit colour in the summer, you tan well.

Get a grip ffs.


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Just when you think Gary Lineker cannot be any more of an attention seeking fud he pulls something else out the hat. How this man has made it to be paid so much money for being a complete bellend is beyond me.

It would be good if the planet just collectively turned on the fud at this point.

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look it even has the darker pigments!


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I used to get it as a kid. Constantly called the p-word. If the matter comes up in conversation I refer to it as "mis-directed racism".

It did happen to some kids, back in the day at least. Kids can be very sharp at picking on even small things in other kids.

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"I wouldn't ever name any names" - of course you wouldn't Gary, because you're talking shite for attention.

What a tadger.

I've got darker skin. I would like to think I look like Cary Grant, although I'm sure jealous folk will try to convince you I look like Alex Rae. I remember a teenage nedette once asking me in earnest if I was 'half Paki'. I laughed. I suppose I could write a book about 'my experience with racism' and do the breakfast shows.