Happy 12th of July


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Happy 12th everybody , stay safe no doubt many tarriers will be out on the prowl for anybody enjoying themselves and celebrating tomorrow


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My orange lillies come up every year just in time, but have took a bit of a battering in the rain yesterday. Hope the sun is out for the bands.

Daughter's just sent me a video of the bonfires, looks amazing! How do they get them so tall?

I was getting a bit worried about mine but I am pleased to say that they are all blooming meaning that the Protestant faith will be on top for another year.

No Surrender and WATP


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Happy 12th bears. For those across the Irish sea whether local or travelled over, have a good night and a good day tomorrow. Gutted I am not there and hope the sun shines for ya.


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Well, the time has scare gone round boys...

Happy 12th to all British Protestants, all over the world! Best day of the year! Enjoy all the celebrations!

Make no mistake for WE ARE THE PEOPLE!


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A happy 12th to one and all from far off Budapest at the moment, will be cutting about in the Orange today. No surrender.


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From all in Loyal Cancun where our shoulders are already sore from sunburn but after a few laps of the pool with headphones on in the morning all will be fine.
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