Happy 12th of July


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My orange lillies come up every year just in time, but have took a bit of a battering in the rain yesterday. Hope the sun is out for the bands.

Daughter's just sent me a video of the bonfires, looks amazing! How do they get them so tall?

I was getting a bit worried about mine but I am pleased to say that they are all blooming meaning that the Protestant faith will be on top for another year.

No Surrender and WATP


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Happy 12th bears. For those across the Irish sea whether local or travelled over, have a good night and a good day tomorrow. Gutted I am not there and hope the sun shines for ya.


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From all in Loyal Cancun where our shoulders are already sore from sunburn but after a few laps of the pool with headphones on in the morning all will be fine.
January- February- March sure it’s old