Has this been a good season for us?

Treble Kings

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Nothing's going to take away the joy of beating the tramps in December, but the pain of the Cup defeats and the needless dropped points is so f#cking frustrating. Deep down I expected a wee bit better than what we got.

What you thinking, guys..?


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The success in Europe was great especially for our finances but unfortunately I think it affected our domestic form. I wouldn't say it's been a good season however we've improved and we're moving in the right direction.


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If we had won a domestic trophy then yes but in generally not domestic wise

Next season is massive both on and off the park

Nacho Novo

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Things to be pleased with: Run to the Europa League Group Stages and needed a win V Rapid away to have got to the Last 32, beat Celtic and looking like coming 2nd.

Things to be depressed about: Celtic winning no doubt 9 trophies in a row, Aberdeen knocking us out both cups which was realistically the only things we could have won this season, league being over in January

DC Anchor

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No, not as bad as last season-setting the bar at the lowest level-but nowhere near challenging a mediocre Celtic team or winning trophies.
leaves us with majors questions ahead of next season


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Frustrating as hell when you look at the points the tramps have dropped. Too many draws, too many red cards and too many disgraceful decisions by the officials. EL run was excellent and brought in much needed revenue but it also had an effect on our league form in my opinion. Too many games in that competition. Vicious circle really.


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From a board point of view the finances from Europe can deem it a good season. From our point of view though I wouldn’t consider it good as we have went out both cups with a whimper and still nowhere near the taigs in the league although it’s clear there has been improvements.
Nope. A trophy less season can never be considered a good one at Glasgow Rangers. Actually think it's been a missed opportunity league wise and quite frankly a disgraceful cup showing getting knocked out by sheep twice. A must do better on the report card imo.


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It's easy to get down about them winning everything again this season but although it doesn't feel like it we've definitely made good progress.

I know the season isn't done yet and we still have 5 tough games left, but one of the clear positives is we have halved the amount of games that we've lost. Last year we lost 10, this year only 5. In the process we've also halved the amount of goals we have conceded which says to me we are a lot more solid defensively.

Our biggest problem this year has been the amount of games we have drawn. We've turned some of our losses into draws, next season we need to introduce some quality additions into the squad that are capable of turning these draws into wins. So many games we've ended up drawing this season where we should have been out of sight by half time. Need to learn to kill teams off ealry on when we're dominant and learn how to dig out results late on.

That's the only difference between us and them this season.
I’m hoping this season is a necessary bridge to better things, it feels like the football department is being run properly for the first time since pre banter years and the commercial side of things is starting to look brighter. We are all impatient for success and there is certainly lots of frustration over this season because it feels like a missed chance. Our trajectory is certainly upwards it is however essential that we kick on from this point, Gerrard needs to be ruthless this summer, we need to improve our quality and if we can get better than the likes of Candeias, Jack, Davis and Defoe then we must do it, there can be no room for sentiment or an old pals act. We also need to jettison some of the dead wood like Flanagan and Macauley. Like I said, you can forgive this season as a developmental year but next year we have to improve significantly.


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You can’t possibly argue there isn’t been progress both on and off the pitch.

At the end of the day though we’ve a long tradition of winning trophy’s so in that sense another barren season can never be classed as “good”.


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Nothing's going to take away the joy of beating the tramps in December, but the pain of the Cup defeats and the needless dropped points is so f#cking frustrating. Deep down I expected a wee bit better than what we got.

What you thinking, guys..?
Not been a good season

Simply make a list of games whee we delivered against games we didn't

However amongst those stats, for me, there is something to see hope in


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We’ve made progress, had a great run in Europe and a great season of goals out of our main striker. A moral-boosting win over Celtic over the festive period as well.

Along with that we have failed to beat an average Aberdeen side in the domestic cups and crashed out of them as a result.
More worryingly, we can not beat Hibs and Kilmarnock in the league and those points dropped have utterly gubbed a title challenge. A few signings that have failed to impress or establish themselves... a few that have been great.

A mixed bag but we are undoubtedly in a better place than we were this time last year.


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No it's not been a good season.

We had a great chance to win a poor league and fcuked it up.

Our big money signings other than Goldson have failed to impress. You expect more from £2million plus international players like Barisic and Grezda.

We spent over £10million and have no idea what our strongest eleven is.


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Nothing's going to take away the joy of beating the tramps in December, but the pain of the Cup defeats and the needless dropped points is so f#cking frustrating. Deep down I expected a wee bit better than what we got.

What you thinking, guys..?
The tarriers will probably win a third consecutive treble and you want to know if this has been a good season for us? Am I mistaken or is this what you are actually asking.


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Has this been s good season for us? Celtic are about to complete a treble treble. We are utterly eclipsed. You can dress up reaching the Europa League and an spl runner's up spot anyway you want but we are enduring a nightmare which no-one could ever have imagined.

I'd say the answer to the question is 'no.'

Mark Walters

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Yes, we're obviously a little away from seriously contending for a title but a good transfer window could put us right into contention. Yes we failed badly in the domestic cups and a trophy would obviously had been nice but we have established a clear chasm between us and the rest in terms of 2nd place... also no longer fear playing the dregs of humanity wondering if it'll be a thumping and on top of that we made a mark in Europe which nobody expected last summer. Some people just need a reality check!


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We are in a better position now than we were at this time last year, we went on to finish third last season, we are well in front of the sheep, and I think we still can close the gap on them, in the remaining games, to get closer to them, I feel we must remember how far we have come since our near death experience in 2012. I as a long time supporter believe our club is still in recovery, and must be treated as such, let us never forget, those who tried to murder our club and continue to do so.

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Nothing's going to take away the joy of beating the tramps in December, but the pain of the Cup defeats and the needless dropped points is so f#cking frustrating. Deep down I expected a wee bit better than what we got.

What you thinking, guys..?
No it’s been another failure . Another season without any cups , another season the scum win everything AGAIN . A few half decent results in Europe , which in the grand scheme of things meant nothing ,, we still went out . We beat them yes and it was great , so did Hivs , do you think they’ve had a great season . Last season we at least got to hampden twice . For me second is nowhere good enough . Jan window was a disaster . We brought in Davis who is clearly gubbed and not even half the player he was . Defoe could do a job but again a luxury . We’ve a Columbian spoilt wee shite who again when it really really matters gets sent off or doesn’t score .
To sum up , we need to hope the gaffer has learnt his lesson and is a lot wiser . Next season it’s the league or bust for me . Right now I’m away for a vodka and watch out glory years on YouTube


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Of course it hasn’t. We’re double digits behind a taig side whom many on here regard as being nothing special. Dumped out of both cups by the sheep also, no where near good enough.

Only positives are the European run and the win over them at NY
We have not had a good season, it’s been better than those of late no doubt about that, but still a huge disappointment overall.

I have faith in the management team to learn the lessons and improve substantially next season.

Kirky loyalist

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Europe and a victory over the taigs has put a slight gloss on what has been a poor season for us.

If this wasn’t Gerrard, we might have been looking at a new manager in the summer again.
I totally agree mate . His name gives him this season , but next season his credit is gone . He NEEDS TO DELIVER 55


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Not good but only an outstanging manager (like Pep for example) getting very lucky could have won the title in his first season. The first was almost always a feeler with next season being the real chance.


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Theres an argument that qualifying for the Europa League was as monumental an achievement as winning anything.

But you dont get a trophy for it.

We look so capable at times.

We underachieved after pumping Celtic

We got zero breaks in any game we needed it


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No, it hasn't. We've fucked too many games up for it to be considered "good". It is however an improvement which is something. Some absolutely atrocious performances. Despite the fact I want Gerrard to succeed so badly at times he has looked no better than the previous management and needs massive improvement.

Throwing the same games away we did this season last season won't be acceptable.


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Of course it’s not being a good season, a club like ours winning zero trophies can never be called a good season and anyone thinking otherwise has an extremely low expectation level for a Rangers supporter.
The fact that we're having this discussion again on a weekend where we ought to be playing at Hampden illustrates that it hasn't been a good season by a fair distance.

There have been positives, but we expect better.


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As far as Europe was concerned. It was a superb achievement considering where we started from.

Domestically? Been a let down to be honest. Wasn't expecting the league title but thought we could have taken a cup at least. Being nowhere near either is massively disappointing. Even worse when it's to the same opposition.