Have a look at this angle of Morelos disallowed goal


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Just been speaking to a strict neutral who said the Killie handball goal shouldn’t have stood and there was nothing wrong with the Morelos ‘goal’.

For those who say these things even out, could they give some examples in the past couple of seasons where Celtic have been similarly disadvantaged?
They'll say Morelos not being red-carded in December 2018 was a big moment. Of course we're still hearing about this a year later.

Didn't a ref apologise to Rodgers over something?

If they had suffered our decisions, the game would have ground to a halt.


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Is it amazing how they get away with it. Since the league is currently gone I expected the club to maybe have something to say about this but so far all thats happened is gerrard has stuck up for beaton by talking absolute pish. If this were that lot who lot a game like this football would be stopped for ever and dont the refs know it. The club are throwing away our chances at silverware kist as much as the players. I mean we have already been cheated out the league cup and now the league. Wake the %^*& up

Davy Young

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There is no foul, Beaton’s view is blocked and he guesses based on the Kilmarnock player throwing himself.

The entire narrative today changes in that one moment, instead of being shitebags the players are praised for digging it out and showing character, we have been absolutely done by Beaton here.

I fully expect the usual pish about how we should dare mentions refs from the usual suspects, but we were fucking highlighting them after our win at Parkhead so kindly go and raffle yourselves.

Scandalous this wasn’t given:

Killie player felt a touch and dived..Goal for me


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The club need to take decisive action now because this will only get worse, we will not be allowed to stop them winning 9 and 10.

No more statements it’s time to get the lawyers involved, if we can start by getting one ref removed maybe they will think twice.

If we continue with dignified silence might as well not bother next season because we have no chance.
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