Hibs emails out


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A night for the boozer for this Bear. A night that could be absolute carnage as it’s the last Friday before Christmas. As long as we bring 3 points back to Ibrox I’ll be a happy man.
For those of you lucky enough to be at Easter Road, have a great night and sing your hearts out.


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Next two away games are piggery and Tynecastle. So two decent ones for those still on one ticket.


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Still on one. Livi in the cup. In the ballot for the piggery then. Small chance is better than no chance


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Nothing for me and still only one for the season.

Daring to dream of a piggery ticket, even though it's still a ridiculous long shot.

Babitty Bo

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Still nothing in my inbox

Livi in the cup loyal :(
Edit that, the email had went to my spam box for some reason, Me and the girls got Hibs.
All of a sudden happy days.

Only had Livi in the cup before this.
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2 tickets for us - delighted as we have only had Livingston away in the cup before this


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Me and my auld man still only had Livi in the cup.

Can’t help but think everyone that has had hearts and sheep or hibs will be in with the same chance of a piggery ticket as the Livi cup loyal, as there is no rhythm to the away scheme system.


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Had Killie & Livi (cup) so far this season. Hopefully I'll be in with a shout for Tynecastle end of Jan as no chance of a Piggery ticket.