Hugh Dallas


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You have missed the numerous assaults by Bobo
We also should have had a penalty, instead of the free kick which Barry scored from.
Noticed watching it last night that Dallas was actually in the penalty box When he gave the decision, and the foul by Balde was along from him, but further into the box than where he was. Suppose it was less contentious for him to give a foul, but it was a clear penalty.


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Does anyone think the foul on Amo by Balde that lead to Ferguson's goal was actually committed inside the box (just) with the momentum of the tackle taking it a couple of yards out. I've always thought it was a penalty. Ball ended up in the back of the net so not complaining

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Davie Weir

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Dallas was to scared to give decisions against them, especially after he got a coin in the back of the head for giving us a penalty. Can you imagine if he had given it in the last minute of a cup final .
He literally gave us a penalty right after it mate

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However the number of fouls committed by big Ammo must have been in double figures ! Also Ricksen committed a fair number before being booked and Craig Moore should have seen red for cynical foul on fatson so all in all it was a decent performance from Dallas and please try to take the tinted glasses off and enjoy the victory and class played we had on show that day
And this is why we should have a cycle of admin.

This pish being allowed beggars belief on a Rangers website.

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As for Dallas? We should have been asking him to be sacked

A - After his performance in the 1996 SC final. The last man tackle by Ritchie on Gazza was a red card all day long and would have been if it had happened at the other end of the park. A cheating wretch of a man.

B- When he applied for a job at the scum hut, all concept of neutrality flew out the window.

As I said, an absolute wretch of an official.

But he did forward a good email. Can't criticise him on that score.

mark hateley

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Hilarious big Amo was booked straight after one of the scum was booked for a res card offence.

Amo should have never been booked if that was the standard.

Dallas shat the bed from 1999. His family were put in fear. He wouldnt have that again so gave them everything.


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The only good thing he done was not to fall for the cheating diving of larsson and hartson in the box.
One of the few referees who caught on to their constant diving.Still a shit referee,though.


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Jock Brown was appointed as The Bunnet's mouthpiece in 1997.

The rumour was (not sure it was ever confirmed as fact in print) that Dallas applied for the job at the same time.
What happened was that Celtic leaked the story of Dallas applying to be their General Manager in the wake of the 1999 match.

The insinuation was that because he was knocked back he took his spite out on the club through refereeing decisions.

This wasn’t official but released through ‘a source’.

The rather more obvious inference that it showed some kind of bias towards rather than against Celtic was not even thought to be a possibility.

The angle that Celtic had released information that should have remained private and confidential was studiously avoided.

We’ve been up against Celtic and media guttersnipe behaviour for decades now.


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Anyone neutral watching the re-run of the 2002 Scottish cup final last night on BBC Scotland channel must be utterly baffled by the past rhetoric from Timmy that Hugh Dallas was a Referee with a bias towards Rangers.

His performance in that cup final would have made Kevin Clancy blush. He was Celtic's 12th man throughout the game.

For instance Chris Sutton should have been booked for a shocking body check on Cannigia which saw the Ranger having to leave the field of play (not to return to the action) Dallas didn't even speak to Sutton and Celtic exploited the ten man advantage and scored the opening goal.

Add to that moments later the blatant forearm from John Hartson into the face of Craig Moore should have saw him shown a straight red card. Again Dallas took no action.
There was many other instances but the denial of the stonewall penalty when Lovenkrands was blatantly shoved in the box by Mjallby seconds before he got the winner was absolute cowardice from Dallas.

Thankfully justice was done and LovelyPants gave us a dreamed deserved winner but it should never be forgotten how poor Dallas was that day.

Incidentally shortly after this match Dallas applied for the Celtic General Manager. He was unsuccessful in his application.

I recall it was 1997 he tried and failed to win the role of Celtic General Manager.

It only came to light in the 2000s


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It’s the same with the “Penalty Rangers” patter despite them having significantly more penalties. They shout it enough that they believe themselves.