It’s simple - we aren’t winning a thing until refereeing corruption is addressed by the club


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As true as it is about referees if we had more fight,more hunger for success and the ability to beat teams at the bottom of the league and bottom 6 teams while actually scoring goals instead of giving away embarrassing goals through pisspoor defending maybe we wouldn't worry about cheating referees as much.We need to do a lot better and blaming refs and feeling sorry is not the answer. Start putting teams away and every player has a responsibility to the club and fans.Start now and show some fight and bottle.


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Everytime a thread like this is started on FF there is always someone who reacts by saying it wasn’t the refs fault, we were rotten, and sometimes it’s true. But lately, it is very much not true at all. We ARE being refereed differently and the way Morelos is treated is the best example of this. The club SHOULD be calling this out, otherwise it is the team and US who suffer. I am sick of coughing up good money every season in the hope of seeing us win a trophy but losing out due to ‘honest mistakes’! There is nothing honest about it. Anyone who says we need to score more or be better to overcome this needs to remember that the game is about beating the opposition not the officials as well.


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Yes, all we need to do is have every single decision go our way and everything will be fine. As if that's totally normal in football and every other team gets every other decision for them as standard.


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Yes they have an when you read some of the apathetic drivel on here it’s easy for me to know why.
Completely lost interest in arguing with people who basically refuse to see what’s happening in front of them.
You learn to pick your arguments on here , sometimes it's not worth the effort or energy to engage.