Joe Aribo getting some high praise for his international showing.


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Aribo was like a fish out of water in the more advanced role against the scum.

I actually thougt he was playing well in the 2nd half , when he moved back to midfield, and the he got subbed.

All in all, the lad has shown enough to show us all that theres a quality player in there. Its up to the management to get the best out of him week in week out.


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It was an absolute horror show from the manager.
No different from sticking McCrorie in at centre half. Gerrard failed to protect Aribo.
Would have been ideal for Candeias.
Gerrard needs to learn from his mistakes but can mitigate against his own mistakes by learning from other’s mistakes.


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Thats really good to read. I am convinced we have an absolute superstar on our Hands, of Morelos proportions.

We can hype up our players, before shooting them down to nothing. Its good to get another perspective on reality.


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I like aribo and I know he will be a good player for us but for me at the moment I feel he drifts out of games very easily.
Ojo is the exact same and I prefer Aribo out of the two,think Ojo is a bit slow at times. Hope the Gaffer takes more and plays players in their preferred position. Not a dig at the gaffer and in his defence,too many players didn't turn up.


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Absolutely buzzing for the boy and a stark reminder to other young players on how there career can go joining our club


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He actually played much quieter and deeper and disciplined role second half, as Nigeria tried to see out their 2-0 lead.

In the end, Nigeria were very unlucky not to win as one goal definitely handled into their net and should never have stood.

But those comments about Aribo must fill the lad with confidence. Well done, Joe. Quite a debut

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That sort of online praise will not go unnoticed with the English media. Aribo will be getting a lot of attention from the EPL soon enough. Proving he can play in front of us and stand tall is huge in relation to development for bigger things.

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Right, time to make an arse of myself again. Yes, again. This time next year he will be main man and Arfield (for example) will be bench warming. He WILL be a star

Roger Daltrey

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Well done son. If he really gets it here, is a strong enough personality to impose himself on games and make the difference when we're up against it, he could do anything in the game. He's got the talent.