Johnny Giles flooring Kevin Keegan at Wembley


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Never seen that before. Quite a tackle from Keegan right at the start of the clips- so all in all I think he deserved to get knocked out.


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I don't think Keegan was a dirty player but Johnny Giles was. His style reminded me of the manner in which Bertie Auld 'the leg breaker' for the mhanks used to play. The thing about that Leeds United team of late 60's early 70's is that nearly all of their players could mix it with the best; exceptions being the wingers, Eddie Gray and Peter Lorimer. All the same any team would always want a Billy Bremner on their side.

Leeds United were a very skilful side as well. However, some would say their cheating/fouling reputation caught up with them in their potentially greatest moment, a European Cup Fnal against Bayern Munich in 1975 where the referee was perversely a cheat and was clearly nobbled when Leeds had a good goal by Lorimer struck off. The referee pointed to the centre circle for a goal but Beckenbauer persuaded him otherwise.

Beckenbauer also brought Alan Clarke down in the box and a blatant penalty was denied. Similarly earlier in the ECWC in 1973 against Milan which Leeds lost in dodgy circumstances the referee was the subject of a bribery investigation. Both these games resulted in Leeds fans rioting and they were suspended from Europe for a period.
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Haha never seen this before. Clancy wouldn’t even think that’s worthy of stopping play if it was a rangers player.


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Giles was a great player but very dirty. Ended the career of John Fitzpatrick with a shocking deliberate challenge.


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Watch the clip from the start to around just after a minute and you see the hardest man in the Leeds team, Revies always said he was his best signing wee Bobby Collins


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Here is another example of dirty Leeds from back In the 70s
Franny lee took no shit :)

Edit I seen it is in part of the video further up

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Clough's biggest mistake of his managerial career. He was arrogant enough to think he could be a success at Leeds but lost the dressing room even before he was appointed. Even Taylor warned him it would quickly end in tears.
According to “Damned United” the Leeds players wanted Giles as the new manager so Clough was on a loser before he even started.