Jonny McFarlane wants Lennon to be next Scotland manager


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I refuse to believe this guy is a Rangers fan. I honestly couldn’t give a shit if TLRB became Scotland Manager, they do not represent me anyway but to write a pile of shite like this?!
He isn’t him and the Daily Record were ripped mercilessly about him being a Hibs fan outed early doors they would have used him to attack us with nonsense stories if they got their way.

Sad pathetic Bastards.


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The long game to have him eventually installed as SFA supremo has begun.
Not a chance that he will be anywhere near the Scotland job .In England for instance Malkie McKay had a much better managerial record than him
Getting Bolton relegated makes you a candidate for the Scotland job AYE RIGHT


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No thanks i want the Scottish manager to have all his own teeth, where a 4-4-2 is a team shape, no his teeth alignment.

1972 bear

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Didn't even read it!

Jonny McFarlane is a Yes voting Republican Hibs fan who pretends to be a Bear.

An absolute rheptile of a man.


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Is this guy seriously still trying to pass himself off as a Rangers fan?? Nobody is buying it you clown.

tottie beck

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It would appear McFarlane and others like him have just totally written off any Rangers connection with the national side, whether it be players or supporters. We arebeing totally ignored despite being the backbone of Scotland for generations. It’s like we no longer exist to these people. Now I’m no big fan of the national team, but I recognize many of my fellow Bears are. Their voice and participation must be acknowledged on historic grounds if nothing else

Jimmy Mac

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A Rangers fan who was caught supporting Hibs at Easter Road for a UEFA Cup game? The only "Rangers" fan he's like is the disenfranchised JJ.