Match Thread Kilmarnock v Rangers - 17:15 Saturday - Premier Sports


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A chance to ram that Jakey pricks words down his throat and we can’t do it, it worries me how he has gerrard sussed

Tav, Candeias, Arfield, Jack all not even at the fucking races.

Fucking joke we need to play them again


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We are fucking awful without Morelos if he goes in the summer we MUST invest every penny into that team because we are absolutely toothless without him


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Shite game. Shite performance.

For me this is a game fucked by Gerrard again. Poor management throughout. He really needs to start making changes quicker and taking chances.

Davis and Lafferty should have been on much sooner. He left it far too late to make any really change in the game and that just left us slow and lacking any creativity.

Kent and Halliday only players with pass marks.


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jesus christ. Imagine passing it into a crowd instead of taking the shot right at the end of the match. What a horrible match that was


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Disappointing. Not a great performance. But I can’t really criticise. That pitch is such a leveller and consistently leads to awful games of football that are grim to watch. The only thing I would say is that if it were me I would always play 2 up top in these games on the plastic. I’d go route one and play for the second ball. We end up spending so much time bringing bouncing balls under control in midfield and then going side to side that I would prefer a more direct approach in these games. I really loathe these plastic pitches. They just shouldn’t be allowed in top league football.


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These pitches need banned

But nothing will be done until the filth either lose a crucial cup or title influencing game or suffer a serious injury on one