Lawwell joins SPFL delegation meeting Scottish Govt for return talks....

Thasunke Witko

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He is replacing Robertson for next season, so it would make sense he would be there as he would be involved in that side of things.

However due to everything going on you would expect every club to have a representative at the meeting.
I’m sure he came off it last year and we came on it and that it was a 2 year stint, irrespective of whether that is the case or not we still have the current serving board member for this year and should be involved about football getting back not herr liewell.


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Ehhh surely everyone wants football to start again soon ? I hate the man but not sure what the issue is here ?
couldnt wait to end the season to get gift the league and cant wait to get it back in terms that suits him, meeting has nothing todo with him so why is he there


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Where the %^*& are we?

where has our presence gone in this charade?

I’m starting to fear the worse if we are just standing back and allowing this to be dictated by the usual crooks.


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Why does this horrible bastard need to be involved in every single decision making process in Scottish football. Don’t the SPFL and SFA have a a load of directors from member clubs that can represent them for such matters? What purpose do they serve if Lawwell is the one making all decisions.

Just a few weeks ago they absolutely begged clubs to end the season with immediate effect. Now they are going to beg the Scottish Government to allow them to restart.

They don’t even try and hide it any more they really don’t.


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God forbid when the fat bastard has a heart attack (or other fatal illness). The rest of the cabal will be sat looking at themselves wondering what to do.

tottie beck

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Nope him and McGregor from Ross County apparently having a zoom call with that Fitzpatrick guy....
Is McGregor due to be on the new board as well? If so they must have made the switch already. Couldn’t wait to get rid of Stewart and start coverIng their tracks no doubt

With the technology available, and recent concerns about governance, you’d think the invite would be open to all clubs given the importance of the issue. Old habits die hard I guess.

tottie beck

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Then ask why, if it has to restart soon, was there such a rush to end the league campaign?
They will no doubt peddle the line about clubs needing income. However, given most need money through the gate, and calling the season early cost them income through sponsorship this season it’s clear to see that’s a lie. No doubt Scottish journalists will fail to pick up on this though.


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This mob have obviously given up on having him on speed dial and now want the fat slug there to save Doncaster time.


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He's probably there to make sure that "the champions *" play all their games at home to lessen the risk of covid stopping their assault on the champions league


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He flew to London to negotiate the sky TV deal as part of the deligation.
He simply runs Scottish football.
Filth place men in sfa and spfl and filth sympathisers in the snp Scottish government.
We are up against it and things are not changing any time soon.

We have been simply out smarted they have a huge network of friends in high places
Its took them years of planning but it's worked a treat and now they are enjoying the fruits of their labour.
Government police msm spfl Sfa referee's
The list goes on.

Dignified silence has cost us dearly


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Lawell has been nowhere to be seen for 2 month , now they have the vote and their title he pops up to get involved. Corrupt bastards.