Lawwell not taken any tickets for 29th (rumour)


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Looks like they lot aren’t taken any tickets for 29th, Lawwell will be hoping we don’t take any for the return leg as their segregation is a joke. Going by stuff being said on Twitter.


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Wouldn't really be a surprise.

They can't segregate the Piggery safely, they will be desperate for either no away fans or a return to the previous arrangements.


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Go and throw shite at the moon Lawwell ya prick. Maybe if your fans could act like civilized human beings without throwing pyro at goalkeepers and slowing games down by not returning the ball, among other things may i add, then maybe we wouldn't have moved them in the first place.

But animals will act like animals
This is Liewell trying to highlight the issue of Rangers reducing their allocation . He’s trying to turn it all around that it was us that spoilt the special atmosphere at this fixture . Someone needs to come out and highlight the fact that Rangers used to get the full away end at the piggery , now we are reduced to the corner area . All we are doing is implying the same code for visiting fans making sure home advantage is ours.