Legia Warsaw Pope Banner?

Sir Sasa Papac

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Anyone know what happened with this? I’m sure most of us had a good laugh at it but I was still convinced they would get a fine from UEFA. I didn’t think you could have political or religious banners. Can’t see anything online about a charge


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The banner was funny. Sat at the half way line near the pitch in the Govan front took us ages to figure out what it was until someone hit out with: ‘Is that the fucking Pope?’ Then everyone starting pishing themselves.

The fact that they got away with the flares disrupting the game is half a surprise. Over all I though the Legia fans were a good support especially if you compare them to the Feyenoord fans who were by and large a bunch of fannies
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Had a chuckle at the match about it and also heard the rumors flying about that they had offered it to the green brigade for future use.

With regards to a fine, haven't heard anything but should be fined if uefa are consistent (lol).


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I couldn’t give the slightest feck about the banner, it was actually quite witty and would have been a nonsense if they had been charged for that.

getting the match stopped for flares though is a different matter and they definitely should have been done for that, even just the usual paltry fine.