Lennon never earned right to be Celtic boss, I’ve little sympathy for him and he should be sacked, says Nicholas


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He’s fairly got tore into Lennon!
Pretty much saying it for what it is.
He’s not won a league from start to finish.


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The Parkhead riot says much about the mentality of the yahoo's support. We are lead to believe that it was as a result of their anger and frustration at their club's, recent mediocre run of form but there is more to it. Looking for an explanation, a clue is surely to found in the pathological obsession they have with winning 'ten-in-a- row'. It seems as though this goal has become a kind of crucial reassurance not only of of their own teams worth with respect to Rangers, but of their actual worth as fans - and perhaps even as an ethnic group.

But if we take an objective view of the circumstances under which they acquired their nine-in-a-row league titles, we come to the obvious realisation that the overwhelming majority were achieved in circumstances that were far from normal. For starters, it took Rangers - their only real rivals - 4 years to claw their way back from exile in the lower reaches of Scottish football, back into the SPL, during which time celtic had no serious opponents. The destination of the league was already decided on opening day!!

When Rangers did eventually return, their financial situation was so dire, that it was all but impossible to sign players of the quality required of a team with title-winning ambitions. Meanwhile, celtic, flush with the millions of pounds that unimpeded access to the CL funds guaranteed, there was an obvious quality-gap in terms of the kinds of player they could afford to sign - players that would have been well out of Rangers financial reach,

Given that there was hardly a level playing field - to put it mildly - there couldn't have been anything other than a scenario in which celtic became league champions. Yet these obvious facts seem to go unnoticed by them. All that mattered was that they were on top and Rangers weren't. It also didn't matter that these bogus achievements were possible only because they were competing against an opponent 'hobbled' with the equivalent of having one hand tied behind their back and a ball and chain around their leg, and who for 4 years wasn't even in the ring!!

Normal people - while happy at their team's succes - would at least be expected to acknowledge the special circumstances that were responsible for much of that success. But not a bit of it. Just when something approximating a true level-playing field has been re-established - they engage in rioting and mayhem, demanding the team manager be sacked and the Board of Directors resign.

We are clearly not dealing with normal people.


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Jeez Oh!!

If you were ever asked to place a pictorial description of that rancid club, just stick that Hammonds face on it.


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I seem to remember strong rumours at the time of mowbray's sacking - that neil lennon who was a coach (put in place by mowbray) compiled dossiers that he submitted to the hierarchy at the piggery on mowbray's perceived failings and how he could do the job better

TBH mate. I don't think Lennon would be capable of compiling a shite, let alone a dossier.


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If you look up the definition of Neic you'll see:

⠀a stopgap manager (a stop gaffer)

Similar: [ginger pubes] [popcorn teeth] [woman beater] [Lurgen Flop]

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Just the tip...
Last season would have been the first time in Lennon’s managerial career where he had achieved a legitimate title win where he could say it was won against unhampered opposition under normal circumstances (i.e, no docked points, no joining up half way through the season etc). But the league decided to vote to award them the title 3 quarters of way through and so Lennon’s opportunity to achieve that went with it as did the scum’s chance at a legitimate 10 in a row.

That’s the hilarious thing about Lennon as a manager, he’s actually done fùck all because the only time he had a real strong challenge he was put in his place by Walter. He was arsing it right up against a poor manager in McCoist until the events of 2012 unfolded, and after looking like he might finally crack it last season that was taken away from him. He’s a relatively cheap puppet for Liewell and that’s it really.

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I love a bit of Tim on Tim it’s glorious, fair play to Charlie though he does give the Taigs it straight, he doesn’t toe the party line. I know guys who played with Charlie at arsenal and not one had a bad word to say about him. He’s defo not bitter.
the kurgan bigot however was the opposite, I’ve never spoken to one person from that Leicester city era who had a good word to say about him. He is a vile creature and I hope the rat is there for a while yet while we pile up the points.


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Post Feb 2012 any scum manager has had the resources to win every honour. They should have been going for the octididdlydee this year. Biscuit tin mentality has seen to them.