Lewis Morgan


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In the same mould as Morgan, what ever happened to the legend that is Hendry? Did he not also get Scotland games even though he is absolutely woeful?


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They’re bringing this fanny off the bench whilst we’re bringing on Alfredo Morelos and telling Scotty Arfield to put his slippers on as he’s not needed...



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See the wee turncoat is getting it tight over on Kerryfail Street. Every time that mob get a doing it’s always their Proddy players at fault. Ah well, reap what you have sown ya wee dick!
The new scott allan.Destined for a loan spell English 1st division then sign for a wee fanny team like aberdeen or hibs.


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Does he start for them? Did he take much part in the game last night?

Surely the way they were set up and the comedy of errors at the back cost them?
Must have came on as a sub because on Kerrydale Street one post referred to him coming on in that situation as the same as breaking down on the motorway and phoning a plumber:))


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Give the lad a break. If he hadn't taken the decision to join them, he could still be at St. Boo earning buttons or moved on to some other minor club (if he is as as shite as many on here suggest.) Instead he has signed a contract earning him a lot of money. He may end up with his career going downhill, (similar to Scott Allan) but at least he has a few quid tucked away.

Too many on here quick to castigate players when they have never been in that situation before.


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I caught a bit of their game at the weekend & he got past a couple of players in the box, got to the byline inside the box, no one near him and he miskicked it & tripped over the ball


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He's quickly adapted to the diving culture.

Alfie's went down once or twice but Celtic and in particular Christie are laughable.


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Poor Paedo...trying in vain to attempt one over on us..even throwing their Money down the drain on mince.....they'll never eclipse wee Mojo. ....hail hail again you fail

They will never be able to eclipse the Mojo signing, certainly not going after average Scottish players like Lewis Morgan or Scott Allen. It would have required them to sign Barry Ferguson from Blackburn Rovers but only after we had paraded him, it's just never going to happen. Although I did hear a rumour that we were trying to sign Henrik Larsson from Barcelona in the summer after Helicopter Sunday.