My Name Is Francesco Totti

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Watched it last night and it was outstanding.

I'm terms of romance and football Totti at Roma is at the very top of the list.

Knocking back £15M per year to join Madrid and the Galactios to stay at your club in your own city is unheard of.

Was a big fan of him before last night.. I'm an even bigger fan now.

Incredible player and rightly treated like a God in Rome.


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I remember watching his leaving speech : God it was so emotional. Fans were sobbing their hearts out.
He was a genius.
What was the programme called and what channel?


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I remember watching his leaving speech : God it was so emotional. Fans were sobbing their hearts out.
He was a genius.
What was the programme called and what channel?
Programme name is the name of the thread, it was on the Sky Documentary channel


An simply outstanding footballer. Had the lot and his choice of clubs but chose to stay loyal to the only team he could ever see himself playing for.

The respect he has in Italy is not really replicated across Europe/rest of World for some reason. I think a couple of the negative incidents throw a shadow over his character. A real mark of the man that he addresses them in this.

Looking forward to watching this.


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Was a brilliant watch he comes across as a guy who lived his dream played for and captained his club and loved every second of the playing side but was hounded by the press so life off the pitch was difficult imagine not being able to walk the streets of your home city without being constantly bothered by your own fans and opponents fans


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Anyone else watching this on Sky? Incredible documentary narrated by Totti himself. Mesmerising. What a player. Fantastic story of his footballing life, great footage, and unmissable if you like football.
I’ve recorded it


What a humble guy. A rare thing in modern day football... loyalty
Also to come back from that injury and be part of winning a World Cup.


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Watched it today - thanks for the tip.

Well produced and unique to see that footage from youth all the way through to world Cup winner, really is roy of the rovers stuff.

Won't see many if any like that again!
Cracking player maybe a bit underrated by today's generation of fans
Was always one of my first picks on the sun dream team when it came to the world cup or euros.


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Superb player. Scored belters very regularly.

Also remember him being fantastic in 1 of the early pro evolution games on ps2


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Totti made Roma my second team growing up, and I think that's the case for a lot of people around my age. He and Roma became a sort of 'neutrals favourite' and I know my interest in Roma waned once he retired and then evaporated once De Rossi left as well.
Will need to get this watched, favourite ever player out with Rangers.


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I realise i am in a minority here but I always thought he was a tad over rated and often flattered to deceive .
Entitled to your opinion but watch his games again.
Vision and passing not to mention goal scoring at all levels, are world class.
Because he stayed a Roma, he never gets the credit he is due.
A legend in the true sense of the word.

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Absolutely loved it. Very emotional at the end. Crazy to think he was still playing Serie A football into his 40s. Didn’t realise he never played again for Italy after the 2006 World Cup.
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