Neil Lennon says speculation over his potential successor is 'highly disrespectful


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When he does eventually get the boot, where’s he going to go?
Usually he’d get on a flight somewhere but he would be stuck in Glasgow, during lockdown


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Doing a great job ya bellend. Just keep it going until the end of the season and I am sure you could win a new contract. :))


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Im sure Radio Clyde said that it would be this week.

(Was meant to be earlier in month)
On one hand I can’t see the board keeping him for the mess he’s made of this season. His poor results against Livingston have pretty much ensured he’s on borrowed time. He couldn’t afford to drop points and he did.
However, if they were going to punt him surely they would have done so after the OF game? Sure a new manager would be unlikely to win the league but it would give him time to assess the squad and work out who is to go and who he would like in for next year. Also a new manager often gets an extra 10% out of players for 4 or 5 games.
I suspect they have less cash than they let on and don’t want to fire a modern “Celtic icon” and his back room staff and replace him with a more expensive but not much better manager. Rodgers was a top managerial signing for them and the horses not want someone of his calibre.
In my opinion it will be someone of Wim Jansen’s calibre.


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I'm sure he is comfortable, and I'm glad to hear it. Stay, put your feet up you're doing great.

I mean your main right back he just left saying he was desperate to get away form the club, and that 3 or 4 others have showed a desire to leave, but long as you're comfy Neil, that's what's important.

Kyle in Sydney

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He’s playing to the unwashed hordes again. “We need TGFIW or we can’t win.” Goes nicely with his conspiracy theories from last week. He’s signalling to the rabid tarriers (who are the majority of their support), the sorts who comprise the Green Brigade, that he’s one of them.

Ted Dibiase

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I think he's doing an amazing job and he should be allowed the opportunity to try and win the league back from us next season....

Blue Skies At Night

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So what he's essentially saying is he needs the help of a rabid support (influencing the refs) to win games as the players & coaching isn't good enough?

It's hilarious he's hanging on & ruining his career. If he'd decided to %^*& off earlier he'd likely have got another job elsewhere but it's blatantly clear he's off the rails now. Who in their right mind would think an angry steamer is a good prospective manager?


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Has Covid and the lack of crowds impacted most teams abilities to defend a set piece! Duffy can't pass a bal unless there's a full house apparently

Victim mentality yet again. Backing up his paymaster that they have been impacted more than most by the pandemic.


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After the 21st minute, Celtc never had a shot on target at Ibrox. The revisionism of that game has been hilarious, tbh.
I love it.
If it takes their eye off the ball, all the better.

We were better than Bayern at Ibrox.
Covid has only affected Celtic.
No fans is the only problem we have.
It's not our fault we went to Dubai for a party and got Covid, you only need to self isolate in the UK.

Leave Niel there to prove all that next season.
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Neil Lennon not surprised to see Liverpool suffer like Celtic in a season with no supporters​

IT may be no surprise that the two clubs synonymous with the football anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, and whose identity is inseparable from its spirit, are finding it difficult to plough a lone furrow without their supporters at their backs this season.

Both Celtic and Liverpool are presently stuttering through their own title defences - to varying degrees, it has to be said - and neither Jurgen Klopp nor Neil Lennon are trying to explain that curiosity away on empty stadia alone.

For Lennon though, there is no doubt in his mind that Liverpool – like his own Celtic – are reliant on their vociferous backing at times to spark them to life, or to spur their players on to find that little bit extra.
The spark is missing, and Lennon, like Klopp, has found it difficult to replace.
“I think that is a fair comparison,” Lennon said. “I’m watching with interest how Liverpool are going this year.
“There is a 30-point swing between them and Manchester United from this time last year. Now that’s not normal; it’s just not normal. Now Man United have improved but not to the extent of it being a 30-point swing.

“Liverpool are probably finding things a little bit difficult the way we have, for some reason. It’s difficult to put your finger on it.
“I would not have enjoyed playing this season, as a player, with what I experienced at Celtic, or even Leicester in the Premier League. I would not have enjoyed it. You thrive on the atmosphere. It brings the best out in you.
“We talked for years of the European nights at Celtic Park where it lifted us to another level. The players have been bereft of that. Again, I’m not using that as an excuse. It’s part of the explanation, it’s not the total explanation. But I think it is a part of it that there has been a flatness about it and that comes from the lack of energy, atmosphere, and rawness that normally the players would pick up on, thrive on.
“We are playing and training and coaching in really different times and different circumstances. This is all new to all of us, really...the way of life away from the training ground and the way life is around the football environment now.

“I’m not using it as an excuse. We have to build some momentum, find some consistency. We have to find some mental strength and start putting in the performances we are capable of.
“It’s not normal because with the fans, it’s not been the same, and I think the players have felt that more than anybody else. I’m not saying any other club, but I’m talking within the club the players have felt that loss of spark, that energy.”
Certainly, one can see the logic behind Lennon seeing the lack of fans as a contributory factor to Celtic’s sudden decline, given it is one of the few variables in the situation from where his side once were to where they are now.
Another variable is the new players who have come into the squad to replace the likes of Fwather Forthter who have departed, but Lennon believes that having no supporters has even made the transition for those coming in from abroad – like Forster’s replacement Vasilis Barkas – all the more difficult.
“The Celtic support is a huge selling point when you are bringing players in,” he said. “And the other thing is players coming from a different environment, different culture, different way of playing football.
“Their lives away from the training ground has really been curtailed; they can’t go to a restaurant, can’t go for a coffee, be anywhere. It is just training ground or home. Some clubs have adapted better to it, some club’s haven’t.
“I can’t say how it feels because I never experienced it myself: coming into an environment like this and being away from what you are used to, whether that be climate, lifestyle or being restricted to being at home. I’m definitely sure it’s not what they envisaged. You can say other clubs have adapted well, are going well, but other clubs have suffered - clearly suffered - and we are definitely one of those clubs that have.
“I think you may see the best of the players as we go along. Chelsea have had a big revamp. I’m in disbelief that Frank (Lampard) has lost his job, but for some reason he has lost his job, and he brought all these players in and they have found it difficult to adapt to the lifestyle they thought they were going to have.”
Certainly, the Celtic players didn’t think they would be going into a match like tonight’s against Hamilton at Celtic Park with a 23-point deficit to make up in the league already.
If that situation isn’t to worsen, Celtic will need to find their first win of the year when Brian Rice’s men come calling, though Lennon feels his side’s results don’t give a true reflection of their form.
“We haven’t won in four games,” he said. “Two of those games had mitigating circumstances to say the least. We had 13 players out for God’s sake through something out of our control.

“The performance at Ibrox was excellent - they deserved better - and I felt the performance at Livingston was not too shabby either when I look back at some of the other performances.
“So I don’t think we’ve been in bad form even though this run would suggest that. The atmosphere has been good this week.
"We’ve lost a player [Jeremie Frimpong] who was very popular among the group and with the fans but we are looking forward to getting back playing.
“It was strange not having a game at the weekend but we’ve had a good week’s training and caught up with a bit of work that some of the players missed out on when they were isolating.”
I don’t know where to start here lol.

the fact he thinks 13 players self isolating isn’t their fault is astonishing!!

niec, you stay as long as you need to!!


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His complete inability to realize its his responsibility to select/sign appropriate players and coach a collective team to be better is genuinely hilarious.

But aye, cause there's no fans, right enough


Bowery Boy

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The comparison to Liverpool is amazing. He's totally lost the plot and you can tell he holds their support in complete contempt. I can see this getting very messy soon.


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Comparing their situation to Liverpool is laughable and utterly delusional - Liverpool has been blighted by injuries to key players this season. The mob has had their full squad (bar their own Covid undoings). We have simply been better in every department - and they can't cope having been uncontested for so long.


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Comparing their situation to Liverpool is laughable and utterly delusional - Liverpool has been blighted by injuries to key players this season. The mob has had their full squad (bar their own Covid undoings). We have simply been better in every department - and they can't cope having been uncontested for so long.
Its funny watching them use covid as an excuse when its their fault for flying to dubai


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Its funny watching them use covid as an excuse when its their fault for flying to dubai
It's just a garbage excuse all round - it's affected them for 2 games, with their quarantine - although their 3rd game back shows that their full squad couldn't fare any better! They never let the facts get in the way of a good 'poor me' story - and the facts are, we have been better in every department - even if they had won nearly every other game, we still beat them in the OF games and would still be ahead. We have done our talking on the pitch and the results show that. While the points gap may be exaggerated because of their implosion, it does not negate that fact that we would still be ahead on merit and performance.


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We are all Neic Cennon.
The longer he keeps this up the angrier the orks will get, the more the value of their players will drop, the more they will want away and the longer it will take for them to re-set and start again.


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He’s acting like a snivelling little rat cowered in a corner, looking to bite and scratch his way out of trouble. He’s asking for respect yet can’t seem to bring his pathetic mind to give any out, or even have the respect of his fellow pros and clubs when he’s tried to dig them out about Covid regulations.

He and his rancid, disgusting club are realising that not everybody likes them the way they think everyone does, unless of course your a dyed in the wool terrorist sympathising, pure bred tarrier.

The manky empire is crumbling and we are witnessing it infront of our very eyes. Enjoy!!