Next up Benfica.


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A real tough game but a win would be great. Would take the pressure off in the last couple of group games and keep our momentum going.


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Keep it tight for the first twenty mins. don't do anything stupid, get the measure of them and we'll win.

1-0 us. (Kent).


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I think our guys will have learned a lot from that first game and will have a better understanding of how to deal with some of the threats.
It looks pretty certain that Balogun will start as the lack of pace of Filip Helander was a weakness.

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They’ve lost to Braga and beat a third division team 1-0 in the cup since they played us. The lineup in the cup game this weekend is nothing like the team that played us or Braga. Some of that might be related to Covid, some to giving fringe players a game.


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Confident that we beat Porto and Braga at home. But remember for the 1st half vs the former they zipped the ball so quickly that we couldn’t get near it. And the latter pumped us for 65mins and should’ve been 3-0 up.

The difference in both games was a combo of incredible skill (Morelos/Aribo) and deflections (Davis/Hagi). And then the crowd did the rest.

We’ll need to be at 8 or 9/10 levels on Thurs to win the game. I’d take a point right now.


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So Benfica at home next up. We are unbeaten all season but based on the first 20 minutes versus them in Portugal before the red card this will be a very tough game. Probably our hardest game this year so far.

A win is worth €480k and would mean qualification. Would also be brilliant for the momentum of this team. But I would take a point right now. Keep the momentum going and skelp Liege at home to seal qualification.
A draw 2-2 or less and we can still top the group right?
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