No further action on the morelos challenge


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I'm not one for asking for statements - in fact I regularly take the piss out of people who do.

But in what way is the incident any different to Ryan Jack at Pittodrie, which was punished with a straight red card then failed at appeal? I've watched them both several times since the weekend and we're talking about literally the exact same thing - player plays the ball, natural momentum/swing takes his studs on to the opponent.

Either both are red cards for endangering an opponent, or nothing - just an accidental collision from the natural momentum.

So why's it only a fucking red card for the Rangers player? Surely this is something we've got to be asking?

Warren Hill

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Murdoch Macclellan will personally congratulate Clancy on the work against the team they both hate.
Corrupt Scottish Football, nothing more nothing less.
Rangers need to speak out, we can't have this cheat officiating the upcoming Old Firm game.
A couple of weeks ago this crook booked Itten for falling over.
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That is not a shock. It’s sad state of affairs that you can straight leg tackle at knee height and fall happens.


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Wonder how many injuries we will now pick up against the spoon burners at weekend thanks to the corruptness in our game



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Disgraceful decision. Not a surprise though.
As someone on Twitter responded to a comment that the tackle was a 50/50 it was exactly the same as the one Ryan Jack got lynched for.
The club must come out and slaughter this decision. Doubt they will though


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I’ll be honest, this doesn’t bother me. It should have been a red card at the time but a retrospective punishment does nothing to help us. I also don’t like the idea of re-reffing games in terms of missed tackles, the McGregor one last year was ridiculous. For me the retrospective action should be kept for diving and missed violent conduct


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Dundee Hibs do not play in a blue enough shade for the Compliant Officer to be interested.

The club really need to be highlighting the previous red for Jack.


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Would be very interested to know who the 3 former refs are. Let’s face it that lot have every aspect of the SFA/SPFL disciplinary process under their control

monkey magic

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This decision just puts Scottish football even deeper into the hammerthrowing mire. Thugs now have the right to go through players, as long as they touch the ball first. They can use this shocker of a challenge on Alfie as a get out of jail free card.
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