O'Neill confirms he wanted to recall Joe Worrall in January


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MARTIN O’NEILL has revealed the reason why Joe Worrall was allowed to stay at Rangers past January. The Nottingham Forrest boss wanted to bring the defender back to the City Ground but was unable to complete a deal with the Gers to recall Worrall.

Speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, he said: “He is doing well there, which is good. “I think that whatever arrangement was made, he ended up playing the required number of games for Rangers to keep him at the club.

Worrall has already made 20 starts for the Light Blues and has cemented his place in Steven Gerrard’s plans. But O’Neill insisted the central defender would be involved with Forrest if he had cut his loan spell short.

He said: “Otherwise he would have been here and there is a fairly decent chance he would have been playing for us. “I wasn’t around at the time and I can understand how these arrangements are made. But there was no way back for us, in that aspect.
We will get on with it. I think he would have been around the scene now, in this moment. “He is somebody we will very much look forward to working with next season. Absolutely. Very much so."

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Surely its clear hes going back to Nottingham. He wants it, McNeil wants it, so why are we playing him? Why are we allowing him to make his mistakes at Ibrox (in his own words) rather than play a more than competent centre half who the club actually have invested in
Because the Manager thinks he’s better than Katic, quite obviously. Matters not a jot what we on FF think of their respective abilities.


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A fucking dinosaur of a manager and one who’s been left at 2001

There’s no bruisers left to play his brand of football


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“He is somebody we will very much look forward to working with next season. Absolutely. Very much so."

Even more reason why we should be focusing our development of Katic instead of playing Worrall.
We have games to win this season. If Gerrard deems a loan player to be a better option than a permanent signing then so be it.

Middleton or Grezda before Kent by your thinking.