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How did they look chief
This is onn the basis of one game.

The two under 18's were ok, but nothing to suggest they add anything to what is already a very big squad.

The U15 player who played in the U16's game against Sunderland was a giant for his age and did very well. Were he local he would certainly add to the 2005's which are probably the weakest group. One we will no doubt be keeping an eye on.


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Unless they have a good youth academy or have owners who want to invest i cant really see the benefit considering they play in the 2nd or 3rd tier of america with no chance of ever getting promotion to mls as that scenario doesn't exist
Could be what we are after. Is the MLS not just for hasbeens ?


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So they are in the second tier? Do they have any chance of promotion to the top league?

Edit: just read the yanks have the same ridiculous set up as the aussies where no team can get promoted or relegated from the top league. What a joke.

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Shows “to be announced” on my guide but it does show the Orange County game at 6:00pm PT. I’ll keep an eye open for that.
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Not at all .

You just wonder why we keep going into “ partnership “ with clubs in random leagues over the years , and then we hear absolutely Fck all about it ever again and no good ever comes of it .

What is the point ?
Maybe it's about growing the Rangers brand in other countries?


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He's spot on though, isn't he? We've had this umpteem times, I remember the Australian team, the Indian team - never once has it actually brought any benefit to Rangers, and there's no explanation of what benefit this will bring to Rangers either. (vague "it'll grow our brand" prouncements don't really count as a solid plan)