Passing Kings of Europe - you couldn't make it up!!

can just imagine the Retard this morning:

"Rangers are still 4pts clear of Celtic, we need some positive article to spin that"
"look on Twitter, there must be some passing stats pish we can post where Celtic are top of it"
Can we get a roll call on their meaningless trophy’s?
21 minute played well and still got beat
Best hair braids
Fastest goal kick taker
Astonishing. Conference team must be shaking in their boots at the thought of having target practice against the passing kings. They are certainly kings of passing their responsibilities to victims of their evil deeds.
It will come as no surprise that Rangers are second in Scotland for this metric, with 587 passes and 10.5km per match.

It will come as a surprise to those that dont know that Rangers are leading the league using the 3 points for a win metric!

Still dont have a clue what the metric in the article actually means!
Scum will have a hard time holding on to their manager with stats like these. Barca, Bayern & Man Utd all lining up to sign him as their next manager . Pep must be worried too re his career prospects at Man City
Another pointless metric they can fawn over while ignoring the key one, points on the board.
Passing kings?

Was there a paedophile ring at Celtic Park? “Pass”
Who were the perpetrators? “Pass”
Was there a cover up? “Pass”
Do you accept responsibility? “pass”
Genuinely, would they be the first team to be pumped out all 3 Uefa competitions in one season?
They've previous for getting beaten, launching protests, getting reinstated & pumped again in later rounds.
But with the advent of the conference, they've another shameful record to go with European goals against this year.
Pro scum fc article in The Rhebel written by Gabriel MacKay

You remember this effeminate little turd, he’s the one who wanted the IRA to blow up The PeasantDome while Her Majesty was opening the commonwealth games

He still has his job after that

This reminds me of the time that Pep Guardiola went up to Ange in the Clyde Tunnel with tears in his eyes asking why he played such good football.

He really has turned them into the cavalier Kings of Europe, the likes we have not seen since Tony 'Monkeyheid' Mowbray did the same.
Some poor monkeys got a Tony Mowbray heed B-)
ooft i can't believe i missed this line too - must have been the tears of laughter blinding me
"Postecoglou's style has been compared to the likes of Pep Guardiola and Maurizio Sarri"
only in the Scottish Mhedia it has!
I'm mightily impressed with us this year...

We've managed to beat, stay above in the league, and score the same number of goals as the second coming of Pep Guardiola's prime Barcelona team!
You just know some of them will be saying to each other,
" We are actually better than Man City and Bayern, the record has stats to prove it, nobody can deny it. Ano, we really are brilliant."