Potential opponents next


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Bring it on! Can't beat a ;)European game at Ibrox
I'll take any lady's front bottom then take them for a pint afterwards.

I'm So Bored With The MSM

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Been shxte in Europe tho Malmo nearly beat them but for a last min Pen!

We are competing with Russia for automatic UCL place in co efficient and would be nice to beat them to extend our lead!
I understand the thinking. I'm just saying that I reckon they are actually one of the harder teams to play in the playoffs. Spartak beat Napoli last night and they are 10th in the league atm.


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Always wanted to see us in Madrid.
Atletico aren't any great shakes this season so far so would take them. That's if they even qualify.


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I know people want the glamour tie. I would rather just play Sheriff and have a better chance of getting to the next round.
This ^^^ Even though they won’t be easy but if had to hand pick we should be able to beat a Moldovan team over 2 legs ….. we can get the glamour tie in the next round :p