Predict the season ahead for Rangers


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League title must be secured
Europe - last 16 of Europa league either by finishing 3rd in our CL group or qualifying out our group in the Europa league depending on qualifiers
Domestic cups - not bothered as long as we deliver in Europe although any cup would be a welcome bonus


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League winners, but much closer than last year
Scottish Cup winners
League Cup SF
Europe - Not sure, worried about this year TBH


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League - win by 9 points
Cup - will win one cup
Europe - Europa L16, don’t think we’ll get in to the CL groups


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Win the league.
Win the Scottish Cup.
Qualify for the Champions League.
Finish third in the group, drop down to the Europa and make it to the last 16.

Hate to say it, really don't think we'll make the CL group stages, would love to be proved wrong as I have been many times in Europe under Gerrard.


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We'll win the league comfortably but won't walk away with it like last season.
Win a cup.
Drop out of the CL at the group stage then progress to the last 8 of the EL


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League winners by 8-12 points
League cup winners
Scottish cup semi final
Europa league group stages then last 16 again


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League - closer than last year but we still win it by around 10 to 15 points

Cups - knockout football is always a bit of a lottery and we’re due some luck in a cup competition. I’ll say we win the Scottish Cup

Europe - CL groups, drop to Europa and QF

Gibraltar Loyal

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Won't make CL and that will then mean we sell rather than buy which will mean the league will be closer than some think. Will win LC but not SC


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Win the league by 5-10 points.
Win the SC, lose in the LC final.
Lose in CL qualifiers and end up in EL. Last 16 in EL again.


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Let’s be honest, we absolutely need at least a double this year.

I think over 38 games we won’t be touched but there can be no more cup clusterfucks. Our ‘normalisation’ process won’t be complete till we’re winning cups aswell.

Europe will be draw dependent. I would rather finish last in our CL group than get to the Europa knockouts as some predict. 3rd in the group would be lovely


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Who knows? It's easy to predict we'll win the league etc (and I certainly hope we do) but things can change quickly.


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One game at a time :))


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CL Group Stages then last 8 of the Europa League after finishing 3rd in Group.

Domestic Treble and unbeaten season.


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It is imperative that the league title is secured. We can’t let all our good work in Europe over the last 3 seasons be undone by the filth getting that automatic place. We must win the title and because of that I believe we will.

I would like us to win the Scottish cup. Not fussed about League cup but will take it for a treble.

CL group stage qualification to ultimately end up with Europa League r16 run is how we will end up in Europe.

This season will be a brilliant season for us in many ways. Let’s just hope the players see that for themselves.


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Positive and negative. We won't go undefeated in the league and we won't match last seasons points total. So expect a lot more criticism of Gerrard and the team on here. I think we will be champions again though.

Start of the season will be shaky and I am worried about CL qualifiers and the closeness of the 2nd leg of the playoff to the first Old Firm.

Not bothered about the cups. Will be annoyed if we go out but the league would make up for it. :)

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CL Group Stages then last 8 of the Europa League after finishing 3rd in Group.

Domestic Treble and unbeaten season.
League champions CL qualification secured finish 2nd in group out in 1st knockout game. League cup winners.


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League Champions
League Cup Winners
European football continues into 2022 (not sure in which tournament).
Scottish Cup exit at some point hampered by League and European competition being concentrated upon and the usual suspensions injuries during that part of the season.
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League: Winners by at least 10-15 points
Cups: win 1 of 2. Not sure which.
Europe: CL groups,
Ha ha @Tailwind . Classic predictions, vague as can be :))
I'm gonna predict Rangers to win the league, qualify for CL, and make the last 16. Big Flange will get sacked before the season's end.
I can't make predictions for the domestic cups as both amount to so little significance.
Anyone remember the greatest FF prediction ever made? Somebody actually predicted we'd lose the last OF match to Celtic, but still win the league. It wasn't the poster, but some psychic character known to the poster if I remember correctly. That's going way back to 2005. The greatest moments of Scott McDonald's career:shh: A glorious helicopter Sunday B-D


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League title won on first game of the split.
Betfred cup winners
Europa league quarter finals (1 way or another)
Can see us up against it for a treble.

blue diesel

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League Winners
Scottish cup Winners
and a fantastic run in Europe.
Oh and police scotland will still be looking for George Square bad boys...
and the damage will be over a million..
Willy Wanker will completely evade justice....
ect,,, ;)


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Tittle - Win
League Cup - Win
Scottish Cup - 1/4s
Champions League - Group stages finish 3rd then knocked out the last 16 of the EL


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If Celtic keep ange then I’d say the league will be ours easily this year again. We really need to be winning at least 1 of the 2 domestic cups this season.

Regarding europe we will make the champions league group stages and finish 3rd and drop into Europa after Xmas and hopefully get a few rounds out of it