Rangers pubs in Munich


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Hi guys.

I'm traveling to Munich with my 16 year old son on Thursday. I was wondering if there are any Rangers pubs in Munich or any other alternative to watch the game versus Feyenoord?


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Bit of info on there mate

Shame it isn’t on at that place (2 German teams same time) as the boy would probably like seeing all the shirts on the wall etc.... might be worth an email though as they are friendly there and a 16 year old lad would be welcomed, worth going the night after to watch a German match at teatime if no luck for the Feyenoord match though, decent food and like I say friendly.
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Only thing with Kennedy’s and Neds is it’s that Thanksgiving NFL carry on on Thursday and they both show NFL regular and groups tend to book tables for it (part of the culture in Munich for Irish pubs for many nights out) - says they are showing that on the Neds Sports menu as well as the Wolves match. Throw in that 2 German teams kick off same time and could be hard getting it on.