Real Madrid Tickets


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Seems MyGers + Friendly subscribers were balloted for Brighton, then whoever didn’t get one got a Real Madrid ticket allocated and the rest were balloted among MyGers.

Fucking genius, would much rather watch the Reserves play Brighton.


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I got one but didn't tick the friendlies box. I take it you can't even buy them and give to someone else due to the covid restrictions?

Edit - I'm Silver MyGers


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It's a shambles but I suppose it's fair*

Everyone getting a ticket is a season ticket holder.

What isn't fair is those who signed up for friendlies getting the less prestigious game.

Unless the club thought more would prefer a Saturday day out than a Sunday.


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Hold on a minute. How can someone that didn’t tick friendlies get a Real Madrid ticket and those of us who did get friggen Brighton????
Can't say for certain but I suspect they may be working their way down the Mygers leuge table.

Would be interested to know if anyone got more than 1 of the home friendlies.


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Got one - just delighted to be going back to Ibrox with a decent number of fans to see the famous! Bring on the league.