Reserves playing Celtc

TWO more wins could seal the SPFL Reserve League for Rangers after they defeated Celtic at Firhill this afternoon thanks to a Glenn Middleton double.

Gers were good value for their victory over the other half of the Old Firm, and know beating Hamilton and Falkirk in their two remaining fixtures will win them the title barring a major swing in goal difference.

Im lost with above from official site. Are we suggesting a 2 goal difference is a major swing?


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Cant be right, sure the greatest young player in history plays for Celtic reserves.......There was me thinking Barcelona had snapped that Dembele boy up years ago.....
Just turned up at Dingwall. Nobody here. So much misinformation flying around

Too all who had a tour of Scotland hope you enjoyed the trip. Rangers won 2 - 0 .
Next game will be played in Europe and Orient Express will take round most places where the youngsters will be playing.
Meanwhile just shows who will be the best in the future ..our young guys.


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Middleton needs a loan to a lower SPL team. Hamilton or such like.

He’s too good for the Reserves but not good enough for the first team.

Dundee, Hamilton... etc.
He’s better than that pish and would get kicked fvck out of week in week out. Get him to a mid table league 1 team down south


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Well done Gers, yet again our youth team thrives and seems to win almost every week.

Get it right up you Ralston ! you cringey, taig bstard ! :oops: