Rossiter loan confirmed


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Rangers boss Steven Gerrard confirms Jordan Rossiter is on his way to Bury on loan. Does not expect any more new arrivals before Thursday night's transfer deadline.

Strange one all round

Valley Bluenose

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So Bury send us Jamie Barjonas back, who had a disappointing loan spell, and we send them Jordan Rossiter instead.

Hopefully he gets game time.


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think its the start of building the boy up physically, hopefully hell do well and come back a fitter prospect for us.


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Unsurprising . I’ll just be glad to see him go permanently somewhere .

Wish the lad well but what a waste of a good salary for three years he’s been .


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He needs consistent games, which we cannot offer, so no complaints for me. Ideal scenario is a replication of what Docherty's doing and we actually begin to see Rossiter's potential when he returns.

Very much last chance saloon for the lad but a good opportunity to be in.


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Doubt we will see Kamara before the summer then.

Suprised Wallace is still here and want Pena to move on asap

Would of liked atleast one more but got to be happy with the window
I know it probably been asked a million times, but does he have another loan agreed yet?


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Will be interesting to see if he can remain fit and get a run of games for Bury. Sadly I doubt he will though I hope he does.


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I am glad he has gone there and not Dundee Utd - that would just have been wrong for us to have any dealings with them. Will be good for the lad to get out there.


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Clearly a favour for Ryan Lowe.

I like this deal. Games will get his confidence up. Not only from actually playing football but taking challenges and hard ones at that. If he gets through a few of them, he’ll kick on mentally.


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Good move for him, will definitely play most weeks and gets him a run of games. If he stays fit until end of the season then that shows us and other teams that he’s past his injuries.

Henry Hill

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As a Pompey fan I hope he has a terrible game vs us in the cup semi final

Apart from that hope he absolutely shines and gets some good game time and fitness


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If Rossiter has a career(or a contract) of any sort left, it will be in English football.

If this is a favour to anyone, it’s to the player himself.


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Let’s hope he can get 4 months of football under his belt

Then we can either get him to be the player we hoped he would be or find a buyer


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Will be interesting to see if he can remain fit and get a run of games for Bury.
I think that’s all that really matters at this stage.

See if he can put together a decent run of games without breaking down again.

If he can, we’ll bring him back in the summer and see what he can offer us.

If he can’t, well, we could be stuck with him for another year.


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Or nobody else of note wanted to take the risk basically.

Favour certainly
I don’t think so. Gerrard said he was talking to a number of clubs.

A move to a smaller team where he’ll be one of the better players in the league is a good move for him considering he’s hardly played in 3 years. It will do his confidence the world of good if he’s putting in strong performances.

Going to a better quality team was more of a risk IMO.


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Having seen Bury playing this season, they’re actually a nobad outfit.

Doing very well in their league as well so I’m not surprised Barjonas hasn’t featured much.
They're doing well, I hope they get promotion at least. I'm sure the first few months of the season they were bottom half and struggling.