Euro 2020 Scotland Vs Czech Republic


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Wasn't expecting to be but actually getting quite excited for this. I was 11 when we played Brazil and I still remember that vividly. Will be cheering on from Australia.


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Got today off, not specifically to watch the game, but a nice bonus.

Will start drinking at 5pm, yes, I know, homo :D

Scrubs UK

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Was starting to get into this, but the plethora of twats on twitter, a lot of whom have never watched a 90 minute game of football in their lives, are annoying me. They seem to be taking this as some sort of indyref call.


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The Czechs are a well organised team. They will be difficult to beat. Lots of Slavia players, minus Kudela:)). A draw will be reasonable for Scotland. Sure, there are good Scottish players, but as a team? Hmmm. Clarke hasn’t even managed to achieve a decent run of form, so I can’t see it happening today. Miracles can be achieved. Possibly, but it would demand a major change of fortune, plus the key weakness is in central defence. If the defence had been sorted by now then an air of optimism could have been expected. Doubt it.

The Goal Machine

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Even if Paterson or Gilmour don’t start I fancy they will be used as substitutes, just as important.

They might not be first starts today but as the tournament progresses they will get their chance.

The infectiousness of youth will be very important.


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How in the name of the wee man does Callum McGregor get a start over a CL winner? Ridiculous, he's been garbage all season even the tims say so
It's outrageous to be honest, Armstrong also deserves to play ahead of him never mind Gilmour.


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He was always going to go for experience in the first game, not saying it is right but not surprising


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Thought it would be disappointing that Patterson and Gilmour wouldn’t be starting but feck me he’s just sucked all the fun out of this before a balls kicked:D