Scott Paton from the bluenotes

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Sadly this is true. Fought a long battle with dignity but has now been called home. Thoughts go out to Scott’s extended family, including May. He will be long remembered and known by many. A sad loss to loyalist Coatbridge and in particular lily of the valley FB. Sleep tight big man you are a legend.
Played in the Lily with Scott back in the day. A brilliant wee guy. Sorry to hear of his passing.


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His / their versions of many gers and loyalist songs are tremendous and he will be remembered fondly any time anyone hears them.

Sad news.

For it's the home of famous heroes And their praises have been sung Willie Waddell, Torry Gillick Alan Morton and George Young And when all my life has ended And when death has made it's mark Will you scatter all my ashes On the slopes of Ibrox Park And with the Angels I'll be singing Up in heaven there up above I'll be singing Follow Follow To the Rangers that I love And with my flute I will be playing In the valleys and the glens I'll be happy and contented When the Rangers win again

RIP big fellow.


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Sad sad news. Some of the first loyalist nights I went to were The Blue Notes with the Young Calvay Volunteers.
Not many could come close. As has been said some of The Blue Notes Loyalist songs and versions of Rangers songs are excellent and for as long as there is a Loyalist community, Orange halls, Rangers pubs and clubs his memory and songs will live on.

Thoughts and prayers are with his family
Reading on Facebook that Scott Paton from the bluenotes has passed away.
The Dublin Loyal had the pleasure of the bluenotes playing at our St Patrick bashes in the calvey club and they were brilliant and of course one of his songs “a trip to Ibrox” is now sung by our support.
Thanks for the memories
That's so sad to hear, love the big fella,s singing voice, only last week I was trying to find one of his songs on you tube, seems to have been removed, sweenys no2 platoon, one of my favourites


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Sad news big Scott was a legend his version of Squeak Seymour was for me the greatest loyalist song done by any performer.

Rest now Scott you have rightfully earned the right to be with the battalion of the dead.



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Spent many a night with Scott (at one point in life just about every night) - the stories I could tell are legendary

A true gentleman and a dear friend.

I will be paying a visit to his family over the next few days and also be in attendance at his funeral which I believe ‘may’ be this Saturday.

RIP big man
Really hope it's not sat my sister in law in scotts cousin and they are on holiday and not back to sunday


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The songs he produced will not only live on because of the recordings and the support singing them but the music will also live on as nearly every flute band plays “proud history,Belfast lough and absent friends”as a trilogy of tunes

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Really hope it's not sat my sister in law in scotts cousin and they are on holiday and not back to sunday
Spoke to a member of his family earlier today, I believe that the funeral is now likely to be Tuesday next week at McGregors in Coatbridge.

No doubt firmer details will be available in next few days.