Skrtel confirms Rangers talks(Record)


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At 33 you'd expect he has a bit left. Played over 20 times this season and played a good amount of games the season before. Providing the fee and Wages were reasonable I don't think we could ask for much more.
We need a good solid younger central defender like the Brighton boy Dunk.
Listening to talksport this morning, and seemingly there highest paid player is on £4000.per week. If true what are we waiting for.
We should be down there looking at some of there players, especially there forward called Knockheart who's got good ball control, works hard and takes players on.
That's the type of players we need at Ibrox, along with young Harry Wilson of Liverpool, who looks like a young Davie Cooper.
People were shouting for Berra, McKenna and Souttar.

Skrtel pisses all over them in terms of quality and experience. He's also better than any CB in Scotland, including what we have at the club.

You think a Dembele or Edouard are rag dolling him - not a chance. Whilst Skrtel isn't a mental crazy as some think, he's still a tough nut who's main priority is to protect and defend.
Better than Martin but was never convinced with him at Liverpool tbh.

Improvement obviously but would rather a younger defender who will improve and then sell on for a tidy profit.

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An absolutely animal and what we need to lead at the back,a winner and no nonsense defender ..all day long..better in what we have in defence a million % interested to see the new gaffers reach of player..



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Has anyone actually watched Skrtel recently? Clearly not as he has been utter dog anytime I have plus he is injury prone.

Basically just Alves all over again.

Would much prefer a younger centre half with a bit of pace. Pace is absolutely crucial if we continue playing two attacking full backs
In an ideal world it would be a mid 20's British with a sell on fee but we need the finished article a no nonsense hard as %^*& defender who's been there and done it, we need a solid back line to build from, a few like Skrtel to start with about the team, no more getting bullied . I think it will a good transfer window.


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Would also show a lot of the little delicate petals that play for us what it's like to play with real passion.

A big mental bastard indeed.

A YES from me. Sorry for shouting, if any of you are suffering from a helluva hangover from our Worldwide box office day yesterday.


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Martin Skrtel would be a fantastic signing. He is exactly what we lack in that team. Hes physcial, Competitive & will fight for the team every single game. His wages could be an issue but with Fenerbache banned from Europe and the fact we have his former captain in charge then maybe he would want to come!


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Too old for me, I read all the same stuff with Alves and he is disappointing in what he has offered.

Get younger players in who will give you a few years more.


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Yeah , I fucking hate him , he’s hard as nails and probably would sort a certain player out
Very good player tho , and the fans would love him and his attitude , sign him up


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Slovakia produces hard aggressive defenders and he would be perfect for our physical league.

Wouldn’t mind his compatriot returning to us either;)

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The legendary FF reaction...

Naw hes pish
Aye he'd stroll it
Too auld
No auld enough
Too bald
No bald enough

We couldn't agree on night and day here :D


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Not happening according to this article.

FENERBAHCE boss Aykut Kocaman insists defender Martin Skrtel won’t be leaving for Rangers this summer.

The 33-year-old has been linked with a move to Ibrox following the appointment of Steven Gerrard as manager.

Gerrard and Skrtel were team-mates at Liverpool before the stopper moved to Turkey two years ago.

Boss Kocaman said:”Martin Skrtel is an important part of the team. He won’t be going anywhere this summer.

“Why would he? He is happy here.

“He is a brave warrior. Last week against Kasimpasa, he received the worst wound I have ever seen in my football career. His head was burst open.

“But he got five stitches and played on. He had to go to hospital after the game and get several more stitches.

“This is the type of person he is. He is an inspiration.”


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Mmmm three centre halves, hilander apparently all but done and skyrtel....I’m assuming this can be no more than a back up plan should Hilanders deal falls through