Sky Bet not paying out.


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Got an IBAS claim open too because they fucked their term and conditions up about a season being called early. Only 30 quid just doing it because I know the flack any IBAS claim gets them

Please keep me posted mate.
My dispute is exactly the same.
I've quoted their pre-season 'outright league winners' terms. It's as clear as day to me.

Just hoping it goes my way


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sky bet had a price boost on the Coventry v QPR game, both teams to have 2 shots on target each half, apparently QPR had a shot on goal which would have been the 2nd shot which was saved and then the follow up shot (3rd) was ruled offside, I've seen on twitter others say the other bookies have paid out but sky bet not, does this sort of thing happen a lot, I don't bet a lot but seen this bet and had an account I hadn't used for ages so put £5 on the bet.
Was it the same guy who hit both these shots who was offside? Because if he’s offside neither count and the bets not up unfortunately. Technically the play stops from when he’s offside so those shots aren’t in play.


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If the feeling is that they are always trying to screw people on the overs, is the best approach not to bet on the unders?

Tim Hunter

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Was always a Skybet fan, but their odds have become increasingly unfriendly.
3-2 Rangers was a usual bet on mine, and they were always top 3 for best odds.
Today they are 22/1 got 33s on Betfair.:mad:
Bastards they are.:eek:
Still took my free £5 bet on the Chelsea v Liverpool game.:cool:


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Since I started the thread to moan about sky bet, thought I share this, I don't bet often and if I do it's one or two pound on football, I decided I wasn't going to use the site again and was going to delete the app, seen someone give a tip on a horse on twitter, before going to delete the app I opened it and a £10 free bet was sitting so decided to put it on the twitter tip (I seriously know nothing about horse racing) anyway just checked and horse won, got £30 for my £10 free bet
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